Wales 3D2N Itinerary and Budget Trip

Trip to Wales

I went for a 3 days 2 nights (3D2N) excursion with another three friends from 19th to 21st December 2014 while I was in the UK. It was cold but we wanted to do it before Christmas so that at least the city was still alive. Besides.. we were afraid if all the price would be skyrocketing ie. hotel and car rental.


Initially, I was honored with handling the itinerary for Wales but I failed big time..hehe but at least I had the framework from this website: for the excursion to get the basic idea of the interesting places in Wales.

Another friend who has been to Wales three times helped us a lot too. She came out with her own itinerary and gave us a lot of ideas on where to go and what to do in Wales.

This itinerary is not 100% perfect but it fit our budget, our trip was smooth because of the rental car and we didn´t go for an adventurous trip but rather a leisure one.

Our Itinerary

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

It is definitely worth it to have a car to explore Wales as it is a huge country and accessing the tourist spots are much easier with a car – Renault Scenic.

19th December 2014

20th December 2014

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21st December 2014


4 Pax and all in GBP (Pound).
Car Rental:
162.40 – Renault Compact – Scenic -car rental (automatic) + gasoline + insurance + 2nd driver
Requirement for car rental:
passport, driving license, phone number, credit card Deposit 298.93 – (car rental + 2nd driver) x 3  We used Enterprise Car Rental.
Parking fee:
5 – Snowdonia
64 – Travelodge Wrexham (2 rooms, twin bed)
56 – Travelodge Porthmadog (2 rooms, twin bed)
We packed our own food most of the time, bought some bread, salad and fruits from ALDI or Tesco. We had coffee at COSTA – Cheshire Oaks Outlet, coffee at Conwy Town, coffee near LLanberis and in Bangor we ate at a Halal restaurant on the third day.
Admission fee: Portmeirion Village – 40 for 4 pax
Shopping for souvenirs: Up to each person
Total: 330.40 Per pax: 82.60 (about MYR 450)
My Opinion:

I love nature and mountains and Wales has a lot of them. Definitely a place worth the visit!! I really love how green the pasture is and it was winter!! I expected them to be brownish as the normal transition from autumn to winter but it was not.
Subhanallah…. and so many sheeps on the mountains but they are not so friendly though. Hehe..
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