Planning My Trip To London

I am already a month in the UK by now and so lazy to update this blog. time flies! It’s time to lay out my trip to London’s plan. So far, one week in London, one week in Coventry and two weeks in Oxford. Exhausted and money-sucking trip! Hahahaha…

As of October 2014, the rate is about RM5.30 to 1 GBP and that currency rate sure “helps” me a lot! *the skeptic me..^^* I’ve been hopping from one highly-cost country to another! Korea – Japan – Spain – England…in that order arghhh!!

I’m not rich! So stop imagining things…you might be halucinating..hahaha.

Anyway, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have to get out from Spain, leave my husband and stay in the UK for about three months.

It is a blessing in disguise…with more disguises than blessings. Hmmm…whichever it is. I believe that Allah has something GOOD in store for me. InsyaAllah and Amin. 100% trust solely in Him.
Honestly, I have no desire to visit the United Kingdoms. Hold your horses!! Don’t swear at me or saying stuff like I’m a nutz for having no desire to visit LONDON?!! Not just yet…teehee..
My London trip
Yeap…I know, many has dreamed to visit London right? But…surprisingly, never in my life. You can trace the reason by going to here:
So, ‘this unknown reason’ has forced me to ‘imagine’ the GOOD STUFF that I’m going to find in London and the rest of the United Kingdom.
Hmmm…the good stuff huh? If only I have unlimited cash, that would be awesome. But..the point in living a life is that you cannot have everything that you desire or at least you cannot get it when you REALLY need it.
WIN-WIN…but I am sure for this, The Great Almighty Allah is with me. He is the One who provides sustenance for us and no one else.
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Having been through many difficult phases in my life; it has taught me that that the hardest time and the most bitter memory is indeed the sweetest one. There was nothing that I could do but brazen it out. This is easily validated by my experience here. Never before has anything brought me bittersweet memories such as this.
It made me think; Am I back to square one? Begging for life to be my teacher, yet again?
Nah…I’m too mature to whine or wail or consider the boxes of Kleenex. ^^
So, how was my London trip’s plan?

Of course, to reduce my cost is on top of my list. As always, money is not important but sometimes you just could not run away from the fact that almost everything in material or non needs money. Where has the barter system goes? I need one!
I turned to my old experience of WWOOFing but I failed to check London’s weather before I subscribed. Oh no…London’s and the United Kingdom’s weather.Here..I might have lost my first GBP 20 (Wwoof subscription fee).
Why? autumn or colder season, there aren’t much stuffs to do at the farm hence many hosts do not take many wwoofers.
Let’s just say that I have lost GBP 20 here..but I might gain much more later. Who knows? Only The Great One knows. ^^ InsyaAllah, He will ease my pain and situation, no one but Him. Amin.
Ahah!! That reminds me of why I have never wished to visit London and United Kingdom! The major culprit is the weather.
Have always taught to myself, why the British seem so drappy. The weather is so moody and they wear somber colors to match that. Hmm…now I can sufficiently say…Ay, don’t you find the weather bl**dy good mate? (It is highly IMHO and no pun intended).
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I have been dreaming to visit the only country in Europe that I have ever dreamed of- Italy. Solely because I have read the book: Under the Tuscan Sun. That book is such a magnet! Don’t read it! Made me transit in Roma Airport only for an hour and 45 minutes. No more..haha.
I heard Rome is quite fatally fascinating. Next time InsyaAllah. Keep dreaming, plan, you work hard, pray and wait for the time and the things to come to you.
Yahhh!! Where have you been?? Get back to planning your trip to London will you?? *sigh* Hahaha…I’m a classic case of Walter Mitty. Watch this movie, highly recommended.
Anyway, I have decided to stay approximately a week in London.
Why so long?

Nope…I am quite old now, so I need to enjoy London like the elderly and the mature being who I am now. Okay..I am 36..not 63! Hahaha..but my bones…oh my bones…well, I need calcium, magnesium..A to Z.
My accommodation

I booked 7-nights worth of stay for 162 euro via
The lady has ravishing reviews from as many as 14 guests!! I hope I will experience the similar welcome and gonna write a review on her pretty soon, if she keeps up to it, what I mean.
My Transportation

However, her crib is in Zone 4 which is a tiny bit further from Central London which gave me a reason to buy…The Travel Card for Zone 1-4 worth GBP 45 + GBP 5 (Oyster card deposit). Get this here.

I don’t think so…it gives me the liberty to go during PEAK or OFF-PEAK time and ride all…yes!! ALL modes: bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and National Rail services within the London travel zones.
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My Communication

A friend suggested to me to use Giff Gaff sim card for a very cheap and reliable service. I thought she was bluffing. Giff Gaff?? What a silly name! Hahhaa…but it turns out to be rather ingenious. Really…check the meaning out here.
However, being cheap means that they do have some tricks under their sleeves:
  1. You need to order your sim card online and  send it to an address where you will stay in advance before coming to London
  2. You can ONLY activate this card online via the website
  3. You can ONLY recharge the sim card online too

See my point? Cheap because all you need to do is just do everything ONLINE.

I am planning to get the unlimited data pack (Yes! It is for REAL) for GBP 12 ~ RM65 (per month). I just hope the quality of service and their coverage do not disappoint me. Wait and see ~~ RISK (Utada Hikaru’s song by the way ^^).
Read other reviews for comparison on Giff Gaff against other competing telecommunication companies in the UK here.
All right!
Flight – checked
Accommodation – checked
Transportation – checked
Communication – checked
The final moment is…it is time for sightseeing in London!!
Because I will walk a lot so I want it to be in a theme or where it is located next to each other so I don’t have to run around all over London.

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