Walking around Oxford: Part 1

It took me about 5 hours initially walking around Oxford without taking any tour with guide trips.

My host’s brother; Mr. Hassan from Willowbrook Farm was very kind to drop me off at the city center before going to the Sunday market on 19th October of 2014. Alhamdulillah, the weather was fine with bits of sunshine and blue skies.

I was at Oxford’s city center at about 8.00 am on Sunday. It was really early by my standard but I had better grab the chance of saving my money rather than forking the three pound bus fare for half an hour journey from the farm.

If only the Oxford bus company has the route, I can actually save a lot by getting a day ticket. Unfortunately the route to Hampton Gay is served by Thames Travel bus and not in the smart zone.

However, if you are in the center, there is a daily pass of four pound where you can take any bus from Oxford bus company, Thames travel or Stagecoach to travel around. IMO, it is quite cheap.

Check out about the daily pass here. The ticket can be purchased inside the bus.  But…IMO x a million..the best way to appreciate Oxford is on foot. ^^ Oxford is not a big city, really. Trust me!

Top: Left-Ashmolean Museum; Right- Me, in front of Ashmolean Museum
Bottom: Left-Bicycles parked along Magdalen Street; Right- The Osford Martyrs

Initially, I planned to visit Ashmolean Museum as my bus stopped right in front of Randolph Hotel but the museum opens only from 10 am. Lets just explore the city then…when many were still sound asleep. T_T I walked in front of the Magdalen Street where I saw the Martyrs Memorial.  

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‘The Oxford Martyrs were tried for heresy in 1555 and burnt at the stake in Oxford, England, for their religious beliefs and teachings. The three martyrs were the Anglican bishops Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury.’ – Wikipedia.

My eyes caught something just right below the statue. The many bicycles parked and locked against the park’s gate! Cambridge led the highest number of bicycles in an area and followed by Oxford and there are also many bicycles stolen incidents around these areas. LOL.

Top: Left- History Faculty; Right- Oxfordshire city council
Bottom: Left-Carfax Tower; Right- Primark
I turned right towards George Street and I saw Debenhams just around the corner.  There are many restaurants along this street and my favorite Kebab Kid is around this area. Jamie’s Italian is also located somewhere along this road.
Then I turned left after and walk until I saw Oxfordshire County Council which looks like a castle.When I walked more, I saw Primark but I was not really excited because there are so many Primark everywhere and I tried to keep my shopping list the bare minimum! Still trying really hard…hahaha.
Top: Left- List of colleges in Oxford; Right- Museum of Oxford
Bottom: Left- Christ Church Cathedral; Right- Post Office
After taking some pictures of the Carfax Tower, I walked to the right towards St Aldate’s street. Here, I saw Oxford Town Hall, Oxford Museum and Christ Church Cathedral. After that I strolled inside the Christ Church Meadow…really awesome park! Subhanallah.

Top: Left and Right – Christ Church Meadow
Bottom: Left and Right – Christ Church College
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Top: Left- Christ Church Meadow; Right- Rose Lane (next to Botanical Garden)
Bottom: Left- Magdalen College; Right- Punting under Magdalen Bridge

I walked until I found Rose Lane and turned right for the Botanic Garden which is located along High Street. The admission is 4.50 GBP but I skipped it. Maybe the free and pretty parks are enough for me.  I took a few pictures of Magdalen College. If you are interested to enter this college, there is an admission of 5 GBP for adult.

Just right next to the college, I saw the Magdalen Bridge and underneath it are rows of boats where tourists could enjoy the punting activity. I saw some rode it but I think it would be best enjoyed in summer. Check out for more of punting information here.

Since it was still early, I went back up to the High street where more of the beautiful colleges are located. Here, along the streets you can see colleges like The Queen’s College, All Souls College, Brasenose College and many more.

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