Warwick University – My Memory

Warwick University Coventry

I miss being near my friends who are studying in Warwick University of Coventry,United Kingdom. Sometimes…I even dream about them, the university, cooking and food..hahaha..it´s true.

Warwick University
If someone asks me, what are the things that I miss the most there?….hmmm…so many to list out but first and foremost:
Warwick University in Autumn
Warwick University in autumn


My friends…one of them, who I have not met since 1994 and I met her in Coventry in 2014, during Eid Adha Malaysians Gathering at KoCo building.

Phewww…20 years… seriously jejak kasih and everything sin tears. Hehehe…I am glad to meet her. She and I look pretty much the same except for the gravity pulling our skin to the south. ^^. We look much more matured now.

One more..a friend that I have indebted again and again and again. Who sprayed me the perfume of friendship and understanding Islam more by just having her near me. A good spirit through and through. Jazakillahu khairan kasira  to all my friends in Coventry.


The next, the closeness of Malaysian community in Coventry. Generally, we can ever be close only if we are the minority in one place.
Strangely again, I have never felt the same while I was in Korea. That strong ukhwahfillah..a bond or relationship for Allah´s sake. Doing something or anything just to seek Allah´s pleasure. Here, I learned that. Alhamdulillah.


I miss going to majlis ilmu in Warwick or London. Definitely. This is because, I can´t have one in Madrid as I don´t understand Spanish and Arabic well to comprehend them.
Understanding English is one of the many gifts that Allah has given me which I seldom thank Him for. Alhamdulillah.
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Food at Warwick University


Honestly…hahah..the food. I have never been offered so many delicious food week after week after week. Seriously, I gained many kilos living there. Good but not good..hehe. Well… you can´t have a gathering or meet up without the food.
My friend got this Portmeirion at Stoneleigh Indoor Car boot.
Four for 20GBP. Very very cheap!


I knew about this special UK pottery after I saw many of the Malaysian houses that I went to serve the food in very pretty plates. I was told to at least get some of them to bring back home because in Malaysia they are very pricey. Check out Portmeirion pottery here : http://www.portmeirion.co.uk/ OR Buy cheaper at Stoke-On-Trent for the Factory shop for all UK Pottery.


Cooking while at Warwick


I learned how to make curry puff, the first time here.
I saw my friend made the favorite tiramisu sin alcohol many times.
Korean Food at Warwick
All the Korean foods that I cooked in Coventry.
I made kimbap countless times.
I learned cooking cous cous and Mahshi (stuffed capsicum) from two Libyan friends. My husband totally fell in love with Mahshi the first time I made it for him and from then on he wants me to cook it at least once a week. Alhamdulillah.
Tomyam…I never really prefer tomyam as a dish before but I get addicted to it now after eating them at one of the house warming gathering before near Earlsdon. The secret, just put all type of Tomyam paste from different brands and at the end put it some milk or coconut milk. Yummmy…with the goodness of MSG. Hehehe..
Fluffy the cat


I miss her. I always call her – ´he´ instead of she. Sorry Fluffy!! Seriously, we don´t know who is her owner really but she will come to the house who offers her the best food. Hehehe…even a cat can be choosy!!
Seoul Plaza at Warwick

Seoul Plaza

A one stop shop for all your Korean ingredients at Cannon Park which is very near to my friend´s house. Green with envy….Arghhh..I want the same near my house here in Villaverde please.
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Costa Coffee at Coventry

Costa! Hmmm…I´m not really a fan of coffee but between coffee or tea, I will always choose coffee. Influenced by many visits of cafe´s during my stay in South Korea. My favourite is always Cappuccino.  After having tried Costa, Caffe Nero, Pret A Manger and Illy; I still find that Costa fit my tastebud the most. ^^

Giff Gaff sim card

GiffGaff Giff Gaff prepaid card is among the cheapest mobile plan in the UK. I can rave about it all night. My only dislike is that you can get it only through online unlike Lebara or Lycamobile which you can get it almost everywhere.

The company will send the sim card to a UK address within a week, you activate it and then just recharge it online. The best is that if you call to Malaysia to any landline or mobile number with GiffGaff from the UK is only 3 pence per minute!! (as of now).
Compare them with:
  • Lebara – Landline: 3p / Mobile 7p
  • Lycamobile – Landline: 2p / Mobile 6p
  • Skype – about 17p

Free call and SMS (text) to another GiffGaff user and I love the Goodybags options. If another user of GiffGaff or non calls you, you will get an extra call minute. Nice! For example: 5GBP goodybag for 3G

  • 60 + extra UK minutes – call to non-GiffGaff user
  • 300 UK texts – text to non-GiffGaff user
  • 20MB Internet
  • Free (call and text) to giffgaff numbers

Check out GiffGaff here: https://www.giffgaff.com/freesim-international

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