Christmas in London

Christmas in London

Christmas is just around the corner and when I looked into my list of draft posts, there was a post titled ‘Christmas in London’ just sitting around the dusty corner waiting for me to publish it.

This Christmas in London post is my experience of celebrating Christmas at the end of 2014 at a friend of friend’s house, very near to the the homegrown football club stadium – Fulham.

Christmas food

Our intention was to head downtown from Warwick University for the Boxing day; once in a lifetime crazy experience but at the same time visiting friends and be merry. Hehehe…

We bought bus tickets from MegaBus which was surprisingly cheap considering that we bought them less than a week before Christmas.

23,24,25,26 and 27th of December 2014. 23 and 27 was our journey to and fro Warwick and London. Basically we spent only three full days there.

Note: There is no bus service at all during 25th of December and limited public transportation service on 24th and 26th of December. Read Christmas and New Year in London: Essential Information. Plan your journey with Transport for London.

Knowing that there is very limited public transportation during those dates, we bought all the necessary ingredients before Christmas and had our small festive celebration on the 25th of December, 2014 by staying home. Ooopps…we did go out to the park nearby the house though.

Christmas food turkey

I was able to meet some Malaysian students studying medicine at Imperial College of Londong…ooops…terslang Ganu kite kejap, Nana; another student studying in Portugal and Kak Jamilah, a very friendly sister from Singapore who has lived in London for quite some time.

Christmas food

The best part is that this was my first time eating a whole turkey in my life! Super delicious with some tangy cranberry sauce.

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I got to eat some Yorkshire pudding too which is way beyond my expectation. I thought it was sweet but it is actually a savory pudding which is definitely my kind of pudding. All of these thanks to Kak Jamilah, we got to eat all of them for Christmas in London.

Not to forget the gorgeous carrot cupcakes with rose tint cream by Faezah and also thanks to the ICL students for the delicious apple crumble dessert. Yummy! Alhamdulillah.

Fulham Park
After the satisfying lunch, we went for a lovely stroll to shed off some calories…along the bank of Thames river, Fulham stadium, Fulham Palace and a pretty little park.
Don’t we just envy those ducks? Why do they swim in a line? Hmmm..I am curious! It was approaching dusk and the skyline was so gorgeous. Subhanallah. However, the weather was quite chilly. *sigh* London’s weird weather and overcast sky is always my undoing.
Fulham Park
 Chelsea! Chelsea!
Fulham FC

I am not a football fan but a picture is a picture. Shutter away for my memory shake.

Fulham Palace
We went to the nearby Fulham Palace which reminds me a lot of wealthy houses with a little plaza inside the building which is similar to those found in Spain. Fulham Palace is a historic house and garden of the Bishop of London since year 704. Check out the full information at

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