Central Oxford Mosque

Today, I will write about Central Oxford Mosque. A trip to any place is not complete without a visit to a mosque, right? Right!

Oxford Central Mosque

Althought I have left Oxford close to three weeks now but I still miss that charming city. A city that reminds me of knowledge and……….. my old dictionary hahaha…yess!

I have used a small Oxford English-Malay dictionary during my primary school while seriously playing Scrabble. ^^

Well, interesting enough…after more than twenty years, I had the opportunity to visit Oxford for the first time. Love, love, love…the city but I could only visit it for about three or four days of tour. If I want to stay longer, I need to enrol into Oxford University. Who knows the future right? Except the Almighty God.

As I get older, living in a small town is pretty tempting. My old self just want peace. No more rock music, no more hustle and bustle of the metropolis and yes to goat, rabbit, cats and etc. Helllllo animals..hehe.

On 19th October 2014, I had the chance for a day outing and to rest from farming!! Alhamdulillah, the weather was sunny and bright blue sky for most of the day. Well…the UK and its weather is really unpredictable. I can sum up for one thing: you can experience all the four seasons in one day in the UK! summer, autumn, winter and spring. How weird but how unique it is. ^^

After walking around Oxford city center for about four to five hours, it’s about time to pray. I was advised by a German wwoofer at Willowbrook farm not to pay for the city bus and the best way to explore the city was to walk. I listened to his advice and had to walk about 45 minutes to the mosque from Debenhams at George Street! I did not regret the decision at all but my legs did.

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How to go to Central Oxford Mosque?

My route from Ashmoleun Museum where the bus dropped me off until Central Oxford Mosque from the map above.

Haha..well, I took my own sweet time. 45 minutes were kinda laid back sightseeing style. As I walked along Cornmarket Street, I saw Boots on my left. I stopped by to login to Boots’s free WiFi..hehe. Nice!
At the end of the junction, I saw HSBC bank on my right just before turning left and went straight into High Street. Here on this road, there are many colleges of the Oxford University. I walked pass the University church of St Mary the virgin and walked some more towards the never ending road until I saw the pretty Magdalen College on my left.
By now, I saw the Magdalen bridge and many boats were underneath it where tourists do this activity called as punting. I would call it as the mini-Venice kinda canal hehehe..
Then I walked again where I saw Sainsbury’s on my left and then a 5-junction roundabout and made my way into Cowley Road.
Oxford Central Mosque

This is the women praying area.

Before entering, I met a Malaysian family who has just moved to Oxford because the husband is doing post doctorate at Oxford University. They come from Bangi and I was so so excited to be able to meet Malaysian!! Horay!

Right before praying, I met two Malaysian students from Oxford Brookes University. They major in architecture. Masya Allah. I met Malaysians all over Oxford. So so proud of them.
Although Oxford Brookes University is not actually the same as Oxford University but just getting into Oxford is definitely not a piece of cake!

After praying, we had lunch together at Kebab Kid. The most delicious Halal grilled chicken ever in Oxford! This is seriously good!

I ordered the 1/4 chicken + fries + soda. It set me to only 4.50 GBP. That was quite cheap and the portion was a mountain. Be sure to ask for sweet chilli and garlic sauce. The chicken and the sauce went so well together. Nyammmmm….

Kebab Kid has another branch right at the city center:
Near Debenhams, 63 St George’s Pl, City CentreOxford OX1 2BL

As of September 2020 as I updated this post, Kebab Kid only has ONE branch in Oxford which is located at:

146 Cowley Rd,

 (More info)

Kebab Kid Oxford

How to go to Kebab King?

Alternatively, you can eat at another halal eatery which is located near Debenhams called as Kebab King. Check out the map below.

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