Madrid Bus Station – Estacion Sur de Madrid

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This was the second time that I took a bus from Estacion Sur de Madrid. The first one was when we had a trip to Cordoba around November 2013. We bought bus tickets from the same company – ALSA.

Actually, there are a few bus stations in Madrid and depending where your destination is, you will go to the the bus stations that have the bus services or routes.It’s really no biggie.

When you purchase your tickets online, just choose Madrid – in general as your departure point and then the result will show you the many bus stations that support your destination.

Another plus point when you purchase your ticket online with ALSA and not at Madrid Bus Station is that you will be able to compare the ticket prices.


Because there is a price difference when you buy during peak season or peak hours with non-peak season or hours. Great, right?
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ALSA’s ticket vending machine at

Madrid Bus Station – Estacion Sur de Madrid

I thought of buying the tickets online this time from ALSA’s website because there might be promotional rates but my husband has beaten me yet again by personally buying the tickets about two days earlier.

His reason: because on the date that we planned to visit Granada, there is a fiesta (holiday) in Madrid, so everyone is on vacation mode or mood.
P/S…I should have the p/s right at the bottom but I could not wait. Buy your ticket online because you could save your money much more. I insist! ^^
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The bus station is located at Mendez Alvaro Station – Metro, Line 6 or Cercanias. It took about 30 minutes from our home at Villaverde Bajo.
We took the metro from Line 3 at Villaverde Bajo-Cruce station and transited at Legazpi station to line 6 (Circular line) and alighted at Mendez Alvaro Station.
We could take the Cercanias which is actually nearer to our home but then Cercanias ends at about 12 midnight and our bus to Granada was at 1.30a.m. Since Metro ends roughly at 2.00a.m. we chose via Metro instead.
The journey is supposed to be around 30 minutes…but….there was some scheduled train test or something which occurs many time during summer in Madrid (according to my husband) and…we waited close to 45 minutes at Legazpi. Bummer…
Alhamdulillah we reached Estacion Sur de Madrid on time and I had a pleasant time of clicking my shutter. Camera time!
There is some construction works being done at the bus platform and it looks like that they gonna put up some sliding doors. Get those fumes from the bus off far far away from us..the passengers. Good eh?
We sat in the bus for 5 hours with a 30 minutes break at a rest station. I slept the whole journey and it was kinda stuffy inside with little air conditioner to none but I could care less cause I was super duper sleepy.
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The ticket counters in

Madrid Bus Station – Estacion Sur de Madrid
To Granada in 5 hours. Ciao.
ALSA bus website:
Estacion Sur de Madrid website:

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