Cercanias Renfe Train in Madrid

Cercanias Renfe Train

Cercanias..Honestly, I like the sound of this word. ^^ A search from Google Translate gave me quite a few results:

  • side
  • surroundings
  • neighborhood
  • outskirts

Cercanias is a commuter rail service by Renfe in Madrid. Check the website here. My first experience taking the Cercanias was when I arrived at Madrid Barajas Airport for the first time in October 2013.

It was nothing like the ERL from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to KL Sentral.

It is kinda close to KTM service but much much more advanced. Hehehe…Okay, never again will I compare Malaysian Transportation System to a country which has better public transportation system like in Spain for example.

However, better always comes with a price. Hehehe…not as cheap as in South  Korea.
As usual like many other countries in Europe, the ticket priced is according to the zone. For example, from my house; Villaverde Bajo to Atocha is only 1.65 euros (as of writing). Both are in Zone A and only one station away. You may check the price here.
cercanias renfe

This is another train service: Madrid Metro.

There is not much difference if you have used subway systems in many other advanced countries but a striking difference between what I see in Malaysia and what I observe in the commuter train in Madrid is that: You need to open the door yourself by pressing a button or pulling a handle on the door. I wish I could have the picture to show you but I don’t have the chance yet till now.
cercanias renfe
Chamartin Station is the second major railway station in Madrid. The largest is Atocha Station.
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cercanias renfe
Inside Nuevos Ministerios Station for Cercanias. This is my frequent stop and from here I walk to the mosque for about twenty minutes. I don’t mind the walk cause I need the exercise anyway..hehe.

It is fairly easy to buy the ticket in the Cercanias station. There is an English menu so no need to worry. ^^ For myself, I bought a monthly pass for 54.60 euro covering only Zone A. You need to apply this monthly pass at the Cercanias office in any major stations.

cercanias renfe
The ticket machine and inside the Cercanias train.
cercanias renfe
Villaverde Bajo Station near my house. It took us about 45 minutes from here to Madrid Barajas Airport.

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