Budget Flight AirAsia to Madrid

I couldn’t believe it when my close friend told me that AirAsia; the budget flight carrier of Malaysia is opening another route to Madrid. Budget flight AirAsia to Madrid???

return ticket budget flight AirAsia to Madrid
RM99 or about 20 euros return ticket budget flight AirAsia to Madrid!!
Source: AirAsia Newsroom

That is insane!!


It is like a déjà vu all over again.

In 2009 I traveled to South Korea for the first time with Malaysia Airlines because there were no other budget flight options from my country.

And then in 2010~2011 AirAsia started its maiden budget flight to Seoul, South Korea. The motto ‘everyone can fly’ is not that far fetched anymore.

In 2009, I didn’t meet a lot of Malaysians in South Korea but circa end of 2010 Malaysian-crowds presence becomes stronger each year.

Thanks to AirAsia; Tony Fernandes and his team. This post is by no means a paid advertisement. Just me feeling proud of my compatriot’s achievement. No less.

So..now. What is happening with this budget flight AirAsia to Madrid?? I was tad too late though. Ironically..this is how the promotion is made.

A bit appealing eh? I mean the fare…just ¡Increíble!

Iklan Budget Flight AirAsia to Madrid

All-in Return Ticket Budget Flight AirAsia to Madrid at RM99!! Insane…
Source: Airasia Newsroom

Look closely at the T&C below the huge ‘Madrid’ caption in the image above. Booking period is opened only for one day which is on 16 November 2019.

Come on, Air Asia!

Only one day??? That’s a huge competition in a day! No pain no gain. Who wants the cheap flight ticket to Madrid needs to work extremely hard. 🙂


  • These flights will be operated by third-party airlines
  • This offer of budget flight AirAsia to Madrid is a strategic collaboration with Kiwi.com
  • Offer is only valid for online booking
  • Fares only valid for economy class
Well, that déjà vu will be realized pretty soon. I can foresee that Malaysian-crowds presence will be stronger in Madrid and all over Spain with this budget flight AirAsia to Madrid.

Get ready with your Spanish survival phrases my fellow Malaysians! Hola y gracias are a must!! 🙂 Spain and Madrid have a lot to offer. Read all my posts about Madrid here.

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