Madrid-Barajas Airport

Barajas Airport

Alhamdulillah…I finally arrived at Madrid -Barajas Airport at about 0900 hours (local time) on 9th of October 2013. I took the KLM flight (Netherlands) from Kuala Lumpur and the transit was for an hour at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Barajas Airport
Right after I arrived at Terminal 2, Barajas Airport.
Terminal 2 seems kinda old.

The feeling? I felt like my first time going to overseas Japan, May 2007. Unpredictable.

This was my first time going to Europe because my husband is living in Madrid and I am going there to meet him.

Prior to this, I have no intention to visit other Europe countries except Italy. Oh Italy…Italy.

Anywayyyy….I am not familiar with the immigration process over the Europe continent so I was quite surprised that I was initially asked by the immigration in Amsterdam.

My initial thought: due to the transit in Amsterdam;  there would be two check ups by both Amsterdam and Madrid’s immigration and custom but that wasn’t the case.

I was kinda anxious if there would be any crazy immigration officer who would interview me for my trip but Alhamdulillah everything was a breeze.

Check out my dialogue with the handsome immigration guy at Schiphol Airport:

Man: How long will you stay?
Me: About 90 days
Man: Why are you coming here?
Me: To meet my husband in Madrid
Man: Your husband works in Madrid?
Me: Yes
Man: What is his job?
Me: C*******
Man: I may go (not before he dropped my passport and passing it to me while laughing…hahaha)

When I arrived at Terminal 2, Madrid-Barajas Airport….there was no immigration and custom so I was kinda surprised. (Note: This is part of the Schengen Area agreement where you can read more here. In summary, once you have entered your first country in Europe and pass the immigration, you won’t pass another immigration under the Schengen Area until your last departure of the Schengen countries.)

Barajas Airport
Walking towards ‘Cinta’!
Heheh..Cinta in Malay language means love
but ‘Cinta’ pronounced as ‘tsinta’ in Spanish
means belt (conveyor belt)
Barajas Airport

Once I reached the conveyor belt number 8 for KLM flight, I was super disappointed to know that I had to pay 1 euro for the luggage trolley. %%&%^&*&^(&@$#@ It was FREE in KLIA Malaysia or Incheon airport, Korea. I was extremely mad sort of.

Barajas Airport

Luggage trolley is pretty much a decent service for the airport’s customer no?

Barajas Airport

This is the receipt as a proof and look at the ridiculous tax! 21%….T_T Since I had no small Euro notes, I had to use my precious HSBC credit card.

Barajas Airport T1, T2, T3

After meeting up my husband, we took the airport’s Metro for about 20 minutes to our house near Villaverde Bajo Station. Just follow the ‘Metro’ sign if you intend to take the Metro towards the city center.

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