Toledo Trip Part 3 – Jewish Quarter

This is a post for day-trip Toledo Trip Part 3 – Jewish Quarter. It is a continuation from the previous post of Toledo Trip Part 2..
Toledo Trip Jewish Quarter
Let’s find the Tourist Information Center in Toledo after being side-tracked with all the bling bling of the gorgeous Toledo souvenirs. ^^
Toledo Tourist Information Center
The TIC is inside the City Hall building situated just across the Toledo Cathedral. There are a few officers there making asking directions and clearing our curiosities much easier.
First, we asked for the map and she immediately showed us the main tourist spots in Toledo. Then we asked the location for Mosque of Cristo de la Luz. There is another mosque called Mosque of the Tornerias but she said it has been closed.
The next was the location for our lunch! It’s pretty hard to find Halal food of course but unfortunately she couldn’t tell us such information but she told us that the restaurants are mainly mushrooming in these areas:
  1. Calle Alfileritos – near Zocodover Plaza
  2. Calle Silleria – near Zocodover Plaza
  3. Calle Nueva – near Zocodover Plaza
  4. Calle Alfonso X “El Sabio”
  5. Calle Sinagoga
  6. Calle Locum
Since it was just half past eleven and we normally take our lunch close to three in the evening, we decided to roam around the Jewish Quarter.
Jewish Quarter
It is easier now with a map on hand. I am not sure if it is easier if we have Google Map on hand though.The streets here are so narrow and twisted! Hahha..
As our experience in Granada, we just pretty much enjoyed the trip by following our feet where they may lead us rather than constantly checking our phone.
Grandpas over Flowers
By the way, there were so many Korean tourists!! I guess perhaps the Grandpas over flowers variety show has sparked their interest to visit Spain. 
DH kept asking me  throughout the trip if I could differentiate between Korean, Japanese and Chinese tourists whenever one passed us. I told him yes, I could! Hehe…but he couldn’t. 😛
Jewish Quarter
Jewish Quarter
Anyway, again I took some pictures of the aesthetic doors in Toledo. I wonder why I love them so much?
Jewish Quarter
We felt the grumbles in our stomach but we silent them with a few apples and melocotón (peach) at a nearby park (Plaza San Cristobal) looking over the Jewish Quarter. Ahh…what a lovely vista. Subhanallah.
Resting our feet for a good thirty minutes there. The weather was so nice that we nearly fell into siesta..haha. I love watching the elderly walking hand in hand with their cariño (darling), enjoying a good chat with so much affection in their eyes. *Sigh* Such a romantic scene.
Suddenly DH woke me up from my stupor looking for WC. Well…no trip without a visit to WC, right? Fortunately, WC is easy to find here in Toledo because the Toledo map we got from TIC told us so. 
OR…you can just find a good bush. Hahaha…We saw a guy equipped with a bottle of water just finishing his big business when DH thought of doing the same. Hahaha..
Greco Museum
We went down to check out the Jewish Quarter first and came across one of the tourist spot – Greco Museum. El Greco (The Greek), was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. – from Wikipedia.
This Toledo trip our aim was just to enjoy the view of Toledo and no museum visit. So, no review of museums can be done except for the one mosque that we intended to visit. Maybe next time. Insha Allah.
We spot a WC at the Transito garden which is just next to Greco Museum. The WC is free. It was smelly though but luckily equipped with water and toilet paper.
Synagogue at Toledo Spain
After the deed, we walked along the main road; Calle Reyes Catolicos and saw a synagogue – Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca.
Looking at the synagogue, I think that this is what makes Toledo a really fascinating city as it demonstrates that the three cultures/religions could coexist peacefully during the Islamic reign. 
Toledo was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage and historical co-existence of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. – from Wikipedia.
Jewish Quarter
Then we passed by this breathtaking road. The building on the left is Escuela de Arte y Oficios (School of Art and Offices). There are several souvenir shops around here too.
Toledo Cathedral
We then walked towards the monastery’s tower direction. There were a few cars with pink ribbon attached and…ahah!….una boda ( a wedding). 
Lovely people came dressed for the occasion but my photography knowledge is lacking hence the overexposed picture of the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes.
By  now, the weather was getting hotter and we leave it with this picture as a proof. Till the next post..Bi iznillah. Ciao.
Jewish Quarter
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