Madrid to Toledo by Train

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم Hola Toledo!

We went to Toledo on the weekend of July, a blazing scorching hot day. Toledo is a great site for a one-day getaway trip from Madrid (only 70 km south of Madrid). We took the train scheduled at 9.20am from Atocha Station and returned at 8.25pm from Toledo Station.

Madrid to Toledo by train

Actually, we would like to return earlier but the train was fully booked for the earlier departure times. However, after having exploring  and enjoying the breathtaking sight of Toledo on foot most of the time, we were glad that we had the 8.25pm train.

There are two options to visit Toledo by public transport; either from Madrid to Toledo by train OR from Madrid to Toledo by bus. There are many reasons why we chose train instead.

Since our house is nearer to Atocha Station (only one station!) than Plaza Eliptica, where you can take the bus from Madrid to Toledo.

From Madrid to Toledo by train takes 33 minutes, by bus is 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes (according to Alsa website where you can  purchase the bus ticket).

Price wise. From Madrid to Toledo by train, return ticket per person is 20.60 euros but when we checked the bus ticket price from Alsa website at the time that we would like to visit Toledo ; one way costs the same. Perhaps July is the peak period for summer vacation to Toledo.

As of today, when I checked the site again, the price is only 5.39 euro for one way (you need to pay extra processing fee though if you purchase online).

Avant Train Ticket

After getting some recommendation from other blogs, reading TripAdvisor and LonelyPlanet, we chose the 9.20am train from Atocha Station. The train from Madrid to Toledo is called Avant and operated by Renfe.

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We bought the ticket at the counter. There are some ticket automated machines outside the Renfe Ticket Office if you want to purchase the ticket yourself.

The night before, I told my husband that I was worried that there would be no ticket available at 9.20am on Saturday if we purchase them on the counter.

I insisted that we purchase the ticket from Madrid to Toledo by train online but my husband said not too worry too much as no one would go that early except ‘tourists’! Hahaha…we are tourists too!

Atocha Station Waiting Area

True to his words, there were hardly a queue at the Renfe Ticket Office. We went out from the house at 8.30 am, reached Atocha at 8.50 am, bought the train ticket, scanned our luggages (hardly any except a small backpack) and waited for the train at the waiting area.

Renfe Avant Train

Then we boarded the train.

Renfe Avant Train inside

There’s nothing much to see along the journey. Only the bright blue sky, the many acres of olive farms, corn farms and some brownish-red brick apartments.

Toledo Train Station

After 33 minutes, we reached Toledo Train Station! I did get some quick nap in the train…sempat lagi tu. :P. Below picture is the view inside the train station. Next post, how to go to the center of Toledo by local bus. Hasta luego!

Toledo Train Station

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