How to go to downtown Toledo by local bus

Toledo Train Station
After arriving in Toledo, we saw a crowd gathering right at the gate where you can see two girls standing in the picture above. There is a small Tourist Information Center (TIC). There´s a very long queue just for asking questions and only one officer. Aigoo…
Anyway, there is a lady standing outside the TIC selling Toledo Map for 2 euros. We skipped that as I have my husband as the unofficial guide. He’s been to Toledo before although his information might be outdated. He was in Toledo 15 years ago! OMG! Haha…Well, it’s better than nothing. 
As we followed the crowd walking towards the main road outside Toledo Station, I was telling my husband that we need to take the local bus number 5 to go to downtown Toledo (from my Google research). While I was saying that, that  particular bus passed us by! Haha…madness! We ran towards the bus, out of breath and the time to practise my Spanish has come! *Trembling inside*.

So here goes:

Me: Hola. Buenos dias!
Bus driver: Buenos dias!
Me: A catedral?
Bus driver: Si. El final!
Me: Cuanto vale para dos?
Bus driver: 2 euros 80 centimos. (I handed him the money) Vale. Gracias.
Me: Gracias. Hasta Luego.

Hahaha…that was easy right? But I was quaking inside..according to Richter scale, just a slight tremor. ^^ Have to psycho myself that Spanish language is not hard!! At least not as hard as Korean or Arabic. 
Actually, there are many other local buses for downtown Toledo. It is stated as below in
Regular lines to the historic center:
from the Bus Station: L-5, L-12
from the railway station (AVE): L-5, L-6.1, L-6.2, L-22 (only path Pl railroad station. than Zocovoder).
This is the number 5 bus.
local bus toledo
We should have stopped at the cathedral but again we followed the crowd and stopped at Plaza Zocodover. We saw McDonald´s here as our reference to know that this is Zocodover.
local bus toledo
The building above is the Military Museum just next to the bus stop at Plaza Zocodover.
There is a reason why we should have stopped at the cathedral. We need to stop by at the main Tourist Information Center for the FREE map as in the post before and ask the officer to our hearts’ content.
Among our main curiosities are:
  1. What are the main tourist spots?
  2. Where is the mosque of Cristo de la luz?
  3. Where are the restaurants located?
Next post, our 4 tired feet hiking around Toledo. ^^Bi Iznillah.
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