Souvenirs from Granada

There is nothing like some souvenirs from Granada as a momento to reminisce your visit to one part of this amazing Andalusia region.

The perfect place to get your souvenirs from Granada is none other than Alcaiceria. Initially, Alcaiceria is an area of streets between Plaza Nueva and Plaza Bib-Rambla full with vendors selling silks, spices and many other precious stuffs being traded.

But now, what’s left is only a small road called as Calle Alcaiceria stretching from Calle Reyes Catolicos to Cathedral. Still, this small road is so breathtaking that we strolled a few times just to enjoy our moments there. Magnificent architecture!

Alcaiceria in Granada

Alcaiceria is the great bazaar of Granada and it is a place full of shops selling souvenirs from Granada either handmade or not. We bought our Granada fridge magnets here; three for five euros. I was eyeing for a beautiful glass lamp something like a Moroccan lamp but it was a bit expensive and fragile for our trip back home.

As we stayed at Los Tilos Hotel, Alcaiceria was just right under our nose. Literally speaking..hehehe..walking distance is about less than a minute.

Read more about the interesting story of Alcaiceria here.
Above was the book that I bought after an amazing and breathtaking tour of Alhambra.
I was practically awed by the art and craft on the walls of the Nasrid Palace and was really curious to know its´ meaning and if there is any particular story behind them. Hence I bought the book.
Totally recommended.
And…that cactus fruit, is our memory on the last day near San Miguel Alto. ^^
The picture of cactus fruit in the box was taken at a shop near my house in Villaverde Bajo.
After having these fruits plucked at Alhambra, I just couldn´t contain my laughter after having seen the same one just right at our home the week after our trip.
Hehehe…Higos chumbo is its name. Very cute name right?
¨This fruit are typically eaten, minus the thick outer skin, after chilling in a refrigerator for a few hours. They have a taste similar to a juicy, extra sweetwatermelon.
The bright red/purple or white/yellowish flesh contains many tiny hard seeds that are usually swallowed, but should be avoided by those who have problems digesting seeds.¨-from Wikipedia.
Cactus fruit
Tea from Granada
Tea and honey from Granada
Arabic Calligraphy in Canada

Lastly, not to forget was to get both of our names written in Arabic Caligraphy by a Moroccan artisan on the way to Granada Cathedral. Small for 1 euro and big for 2 euros but we combined our names in one card hence we were charged 3 euros. Fair enough. ^^

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