One day Trip to Segovia

Alhamdulillah. Still having a break from study which will start a new semester soon. It is time now to continue where I have left off about Segovia from the last post. If you want to know how to go to Segovia, please read this post. 

If you want to know how to go to Segovia from Madrid, please read this post – Madrid to Segovia.

Trip to Segovia, Spain

After getting down from Sepulvedana bus, we followed the majority of the tourists inside the bus towards the main square where the tourist information centre of Segovia is located.

Pretty buildings in Segovia

It is not that far from the main road. We walked about ten minutes and stopped along to take some shots of the beautiful buildings around Segovia as in the photo. 

First thing first! A trip to Segovia is not complete without visiting the huge Roman aqueduct. We were dwarfed by the grand aqueduct towering over us! Look at the size against the hobbits below. Masha Allah. Time for a few selfies here and there. 🙂
Segovia aqueduct
Segovia TIC min

This is the Segovia tourist information centre. We walked in to ask for the local map =’plano’ and there is a public toilet inside the building where we have to pay 50 cents. As it is hard to find a public toilet unless you eat in a bar or restaurant, then this service is precious.

If you go forward from the plaza after Segovia TIC, there is a wide staircase on the left to go up to the aqueduct where we can grab a few shots of the gorgeous aqueduct while people-watching too. 

Segovia stairs
Segovia local bus

This is the local bus in Segovia but we prefer walking as the city centre is not that big compared to Toledo which we visited during the summer of 2016. Furthermore, the weather was not that cold. I especially need the exercise. Winter made my face puffy..haha. Excuses..

As we walked along the route according to the Segovia local map towards Plaza Mayor, we arrived at this grand Catedral.

Segovia cathedral
Segovia souvenirs

Along the road of Marques del Arco we found many shops selling souvenirs and we couldn’t resist. As per our custom, getting a magnet fridge is a must for every place we visit. The magnet comes in various sizes and I bought a medium size for 2.50 euros while my husband bought a ceramic plate for the olives for 3 euros. It is quite unique.

After getting some souvenirs, we walked towards Plaza de la Reina Victoria Eugenia (picture above). Our goal was to visit the infamous Segovia Alcázar. It looks like Disney Castle.

Segovia Museum
Segovia view

The winter view of Segovia in January 2017 with the Catedral as the tallest building in the picture above.

This is the Alcázar of Segovia. The castle is gorgeous from the outside. Not that big but cozy. The entrance fee is 8 euros per pax.

Segovia tower1

Another challenge awaiting us. We went this far so I thought that we should climb the 152 stairs up the Torre de Juan II. However…I was exhausted halfway!! Luckily, there is a rest area as if they know some would lose their breath plus shaky knee caps. Hehe..This activity is strictly for those who are not claustrophobic. The space of the staircase up to the tower is narrow.

Segovia tower
Segovia wall
After visiting the Alcázar of Segovia we walked along Socorro road where Casa del Sol is located and we saw the walls as in the picture above. The sun definitely highlighted this wall more against the blue sky. 
We went further to do some shopping and I found my first ‘monopod’ here for 5 euros and finally could grab our first ‘monopod’ shot in Segovia. 🙂
The total time we spent in Segovia was roughly four hours. We reached Segovia at 1.15pm and went home at 5.15pm. You can view our bus journey here.
Till then. Wassalam. 
Goodbye Segovia

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