Olive Farm near Alhambra, Granada

I have always dreamed to go to an olive farm. Around this time, my wish is finally granted and I got to see an olive farm near Alhambra in Granada.

Do you know that Spain is the number one olive oil producer in the world? Check out the statistic here. Between the year 200-2009, Spain has produced 41.2% and Italy is trailing behind Spain with 20.2%. In 2014? Maybe the figures changed by now.

I didn’t know this until I live in Spain. ^^ All those time I have believed that Italy is the number one or at least because every time I browse through the olive oil bottles’ ingredients back in Malaysia; it stated – Made in Italy.

However, I failed to notice or maybe there is no actual information saying something like the origin of the olive itself on the bottle.

The Spanish also consume more olive oil than the Italians. Ridiculous!…I am living in THE olive country but its neighbor is much more famous in the world than her. Well, the pasta and Jamie Oliver made Italy more famous I guess? Hehehe..

Anyway, back in October 2013 we visited Cordoba for our honeymoon. I love Cordoba! While in the bus from Cordoba to Madrid, I took a video of the olive farms along the highway. What a pretty sight! Olive, olive and olive! I told my husband that I wish I could work in an olive farm at least for a day.

Hahhaha…My silly idea was due to Wwoof influence back in 2009.

And now…only now, my wish is granted! Alhamdulillah…although just a very short visit and not even doing the actual farming. ^^
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We had about one hour before entering the Alhambra on Saturday, 16th of August 2014. Then, my husband said that he had a surprise for me! I was pretty excited cause you know…I was expecting one. Hahaha…Women!
Hiking and hiking…*sigh*
But then…we had to hike further up for about ten minutes. Can’t I just get the surprise
Granada 2Bolive 2Bfarm1

without actually laboring myself to get it?! Men! Hahaha…No pain no gain eh?

The surprise was worth the hiking. Thank you my husband! I got to see an olive farm!! Alhamdulillah. Here goes the pictures…
Granada 2Bolive 2Bfarm2
Tada!! Our secret olive farm…hehe. No one was around and we thought so but then we found a man; seemed like another tourist, was smoking at a patio nearby probably waiting to enter the Alhambra just like us.
Granada 2Bolive 2Bfarm5

The patio.

Granada 2Bolive 2Bfarm3

The excited me holding the precious olive. Alhamdulillah!

What made me excited was that olive is stated many times in the Quran, for example in Surah At-Tin, chapter 95: verse 1 and in Surah An-Nur, chapter 24: verse 35 as in below.
Yessss….if you look closely, olive oil seems like gold and would almost glow like light!
Granada 2Bolive 2Bfarm4
There is also a viewpoint or mirador here in the farm and you can see the city of Granada and some parts of the Alhambra.
Granada 2Bolive 2Bfarm6

My olive farm! Miahahhaha..*evil laugh* Oh…dream on Zarina! ^^

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