My first Syawal in Madrid

Today is 18th Syawal and my first Syawal in Madrid. Alhamdulillah

Now I feel like writing a post…ohh..lazy bum bum me. Tee hee..
Unlike the Eidulfitri or Aidilfitri celebration in Malaysia, for the first Syawal in Madrid in my life…I was at the brink of tearing up.

A mist of tears was clouding my eyes when I recited the Eid takbir,alone… while preparing the ingredients for the final iftar for Ramadan 1435H.

Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s Dendang Perantau cannot be more sad than what I am feeling now. My husband? He laughed at me! He said, I should be more sad of saying goodbye to Ramadhan instead. That is true though.

Hmm…What were so different between Syawal in Madrid and Syawal in Malaysia? For many reasons:

After Aidilfitri prayer at Islamic Center of Madrid

After Eid prayer at Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid near Barrio de La Concepcion metro station.

Solidarity with the Palestinians. I kid you not. I was kinda heartless in this Israeli-Palestine conflict up until the last occupation.

But then…after marrying a Moroccan and watching the Arab countries news day in and day out which is mainly in Arabic (a language which I should at least show some keen on learning but still getting to it), I could simply cry after seeing the faces of the dead children hold by their parents or kin.

No Eid takbir. I did not hear this recited in the mosque or maybe there was some problem with my ears but I was pretty sure they did not. Actually they did but the mic had some problem and the takbir was not voiced loudly.

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I tried looking for any familiar Asian faces during the Eid prayer but the closest were some Indian / Pakistani girls wearing their traditional garb. At least I wore my Baju Kurung. In hoping to find another Malaysian. T_T

I was far from my family for real this time, had to cook Eid´s food on my own (no help from my mom whatsoever). A confession: I never cook rendang or yang sewaktu dengannya all my life. Sumpah! Hehehe.

No house visiting or open house as you call it in Malaysia.

No kuih raya…don´t ask me why I didn´t make it myself. My answer will be blurrrrrred this time. There´s a specific reason which I prefer not to reveal this time.

Breakfast after Eid Prayer near Barrio de la Concepcion

A very happy man celebrating Eid with his wife for the first time.

After Eid prayer, we went to a cafe´ near Barrio de la Concepcion Station for a breakfast. Honestly, after a long month of fasting and having a meal in the morning is pretty weird.

We had our normal breakfast (desayuno) of bread (barra) with tomato and olive oil along with a cup of the usual cafe´ latte.

Only then, after reaching home, I pulled my sleeves up and attcked my kitchen!!
Let´s see what I cooked!! Yada..yada..I am seriously shy to even post these. Well…take it away. No comment is highly appreciated hahaha.

Rendang first Syawal in Madrid

The first one is the must have meat rendang.

Before coming back to Madrid, I have my own cheat sheet..haha. I am a ´kaki bangku´ in cooking so I cannot dare to enter my kitchen without my honorable assistant. Tada!!

Adabi Rendang power!! Ooopss…powder.

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Saved my day but it definitely didn´t feel as close to the authentic rendang. I forgot to grab a pack of kerisik so it adds up to the non-authenticity value.

Satay first Syawal in Madrid next meal is fried chicken satay. I nailed this one definitely cause I had seen my father made this countless times. The only difference is…I fried, not grilled.
Kuah Kacang first Syawal in Madrid

The third..the peanut sauce to accompany the fried chicken satay. But………….. I seriously failed big time. There was no exception and I would simply give myself an F because…… I did not fried the peanuts well. The sauce tasted so crude. T__T Gawd help me!!

Lodeh first Syawal in Madrid

The last one was…Kuah lodeh.

As the grumpy Mr H did not want any source of soy bean in this lodeh…no tofu, no tempe, no foo chook…and NO! Don´t you dare ask me why Mr H hates soy bean so much. ^__^ Am not gonna entertain your question. Hahaha. Ask Mr Google please.

Well…four meals are quite aplenty albeit not done by a 5 star Michelin chef. The Palestinians did not even have the liberty to celebrate Eid so am I supposed to wail against the wall just because of my disastrous satay sauce?? Nope.

To mention a few.. To my precious parents and family back home, my beloved friends, and whoever who knows me; I may have done many errors in my life which could have impacted your life and I greatly regret it.

To err is human and Allah, the Almighty is the Most Forgiving. I wish for the best Eid Mubarak 1435H and Maaf Zahir Batin.

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  1. Congratulations Zarina! I celebrated Syawal in Japan for the first time too. Despite all the "kekurangan", I managed to cook a few Raya dishes with my friends. At least we didn't end up with sushi..hihi.

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