Madrid Central Mosque

Muslims, if you arrive in Madrid not only you can visit Real Madrid Club’s museum but don’t forget to visit or perform a prayer at Madrid Central Mosque which is nearby. Madrid Central Mosque or in Spanish – Mezquita de Madrid pronounced as ‘Meskita de Madrid’.

History of Madrid Central Mosque

After its dedication as Waqf land, it still took years to collect enough individual donations to construct the mosque. Finally opened in 1988, it became the first mosque in the capital since the end of the Islamic occupation in 1085.

Designed by the architect Juan Mora, it is the headquarters of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain and the Islamic Community of Madrid. Abu-Bakr Mosque has a cooperation agreement in force with the Community of Madrid, and with the State through the Islamic Commission of Spain.

Madrid Central Mosque Architect
Madrid Central Mosque Architect

How to go to Madrid Central Mosque

By Metro

If you are staying in Sol, take the metro Line 1 and alight at Estrecho station. I recommend that you take the first wagon which is nearer to the head of the train. Once you reach Estrecho station, the door of the metro is the nearest towards the mosque.

From the map below, walk about 3 minutes or 250 meters until you see ‘Calle Anastasio Herrero’ which is the name of the road where the mosque is situated. Turn right.

Madrid Central Mosque road
Once you turn right into the road, you will see the minaret of Madrid Central Mosque @ Abu Bakar Mosque from afar.

Mosque Entrance Door

Madrid Central Mosque Estrecho
Courtesy: Wikipedia

There are two doors to enter this mosque as you see in the picture above.

  • The first one – far left before the two guys in the picture. Here is where you will find a shop selling groceries, meat and sweets.
  • The other door (on  the right – dark maroon). Sometimes during prayer time, the door for the shop is closed by the owner. So, you may use the door on the right side.
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First door

On the ground floor – If you walk straight into the first door, you will see the shop and then you will see another door on the right to go into the mosque. Once you pass that wooden door, you will see the restroom for men and elevator to go to the above floors.

First floor – for men prayer’s room.

Second floor – for women prayer’s room, women’s restroom and ablution room, library, meeting room and administration office

Third floor – for classes

Fourth floor – Nursery

Second door

Madrid Central Mosque entrance

If you enter the mosque by the second door, then you will see this fountain but most of the time is not functioned. On Fridays the men will use this area for prayer as well and during Ramadhan, this area will be used for breaking the fast (iftar) for men. For women, it is on the second floor.

Madrid Central Mosque2

Then you will see this wooden door, which leads to the restroom for men and ablution room for men. The restroom for women is on the second floor. If you walk straight ahead from this door you will find the shop that I mentioned before. By the way, the elevator is just after this wooden door.

Prayer time at Madrid Central Mosque

Reminder: Please be aware that the mosque is closed after Isha’ prayer (except during Ramadhan). So please check the prayer time table for Madrid and visit the mosque before Isha’ prayer time.

Madrid Prayer Time

My Visit to Madrid Central Mosque

Madrid Central Mosque Details

Asoc Musulmana En España

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Address: Calle de Anastasio Herrero, 5, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Phone no: +34 915 71 40 40 ‎


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