How To Go To Madrid From Barajas Airport?

Barajas Airport of Madrid, Spain is located at the North-East side of the Spain’s capital.  It was built since 1927 and still has ongoing construction to upgrade the airport. 

Other names of the airport are:

  • Madrid-Barajas Airport
  • Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport – named after the former Spanish Prime Minister; Adolfo Suarez

Note: Barajas is pronounced as ‘Barakhas’. Using the ‘j’ of Spanish – jota / khota.

If you have learned Arabic or learned to read the Al-Quran, you should be familiar with this letter as the image below:


As of now September 2020 as this post updated, there are five terminals of Barajas Airport. They are:

  1. Terminal 1
  2. Terminal 2
  3. Terminal 3
  4. Terminal 4
  5. Terminal 4S

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are located in the same building and they service SkyTeam and Star Alliance airlines.

Meanwhile Terminal 4 the newest is located in another building and mainly for Iberia, Air Nostrum and Oneworld partner airlines.

Terminal 4S is a satellite terminal of Terminal 4, located about 2 kilometers away and connected by an automatic train.

Terminal 1, 2 and 3 Barajas Airport to Central Madrid

By Taxi

By Airport shuttle bus

Cheaper than taxi and less hassle than metro or normal bus. It is 5 euros per way. It runs 24-hour per day and with reduced frequency on 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 January. You can pay by cash (prepare 5 euro in advance) or credit card. 

However, it does not stop at Puerta del Sol if that is where your accommodation is located. Its last stop is Atocha Station and from there you need to take the metro or other bus to go to your hotel. 

Total: Airport shuttle bus to Atocha Station – 5 euros and from Atocha station to your hotel -1.50 euros = 6.50 euros

Check out this post for latest update.

By Metro

Cheapest but a you need to transfer once at Nuevos Ministerios. 

Total: Airport to Nuevos Ministerios –  4.50 euros and Nuevos Ministerios to your hotel – 1.50 euros = 6 euros

Metro Map Barajas Airport

Terminal 4 Barajas Airport to Central Madrid

By Taxi, Aiport Shuttle Bus and Metro

Refer to them under the Terminal 1, 2 and 3 Barajas Airport to Central Madrid section above. 

By Cercanias Renfe

If you arrive at Terminal 4, the easier and cheaper method to Puerta del Sol or Atocha is with Cercanias Renfe. It is a comuter train service by Renfe in Madrid and it covers larger and greater area of Madrid.

Refer to the Madrid Cercanias map below but don’t be confused by the lines’ names. For example if your destination is either Sol or Atocha, use my guide below.

Barajas Airport Terminal 4 station — Chamartin Station (transit) — Sol / Atocha Station (with trains going to Parla/Aranjuez).

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Take the Cercanias from Terminal 4 to Chamartin Station. Here, transfer to another platform to trains going either to Parla / Aranjuez. These trains will stop at Sol and Atocha Station.

Total: 4.70 euros. 

Madrid Cercanias Map


Transportation Time (Minutes)Cost (Euro)
Shuttle Bus + Metro 406.50

Disclaimer: Time may be affected by traffic and cost may change. 

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