Feliz 2016!

Feliz ano 2016

السلام عليكم, Friday Mubarak and Feliz 2016 everyone! Feliz is in espanol and it means happy!!

As usual, this year I pray to Allah that all of us will be blessed with good health, sufficient wealth, improve our life by increasing useful knowledge, strengthen our silaturrahim with respective spouses, family and the people around us better and to appreciate all the blessings that Allah has showered us all. Amin.

I have not set much of a goal for myself for 2016 except for one – to complete my Arabic language studies by the end of the year to primarily understand Al-Quran and in general my worship to Allah better. Insha Allah.

Well..lets make every seconds of our life worthwhile, shall we?

It has been pretty dry but not as cold as last year’s winter here in Madrid, IMO. Today, I woke up at 4 am due to the loud cheers outside our home by the teenagers celebrating the new year, everywhere people shouted – Feliz 2016!

Of course, our sleep was disrupted but lets be positive, it means Allah has asked us to do some tahajjud right?

May all of us is guided by Allah in whatever we do in this world. Amin.

Fajar prayer is quite late here now in winter. In Madrid, it starts at 7 am and the sun rises at 8.37am.

Well..lately, Madrid’s sky has been overcast and somber which reminds me of UK’s weather in general and the pretty blue sky which is the usual here has been pretty scarce in the last week.

pancake and coffee

I made some eggless pancakes for breakfast today, topped with melted chocolate plus an ingenious brew of coffee with a dash of ginger and cinnamon for that extra umphhhhh! aroma to let the Feliz 2016 spirit kick in!

Read more..  Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid

Western breakfast for my husband as usual. I have made this eggless pancakes following the recipe from this site but slightly change it by adding a teaspoon of vinegar.

Muy buen año para todos y adios!

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