Charles III University in Madrid

Charles III University of Madrid
We visited Charles III University in Madrid last week, specifically the campus near Leganes station (Renfe Cercanias).
A friend of my husband’s; who is working as a professor in the physic department in  Charles III University was infected with a peculiar unknown disease and at the moment still bed-ridden in his mother’s house in Tangier, Morocco. Fi sabilillah. 
My husband needs to relay the message to his friend’s colleague as the telecommunication line in the village area in Tangier is really poor and his friend could not make a call to let them know of his condition.
Villaverde Bajo Station Cercanias
Villaverde Bajo Station (Renfe Cercanias) near our house.
Charles III University is just three stations away from our house with one line transit but still using Renfe Cercanias. This was my second time visiting the university. The first time was to meet the professor himself and had a mini-tour of the university inside the Physics lab…hahaha. Looking at their projects and researches, I felt like I was thrown back to old times when I had the beaker and bunsen burner in front of me.  
Charles III University of Madrid
The university has many campus and the one in Leganes is for School of Engineering. So that was why when I first visited the building, I wondered why the campus is so small? 
Charles III University of Madrid
A five-minute walk from Leganes station (Renfe Cercanias) will reach the main gate of the university as in the above picture.
Please do not ask me about the ranking of the university! You may use the sheikh Google. 🙂
Charles III University of Madrid
Anyway, since we had nothing much to do after informing the situation of the professor to his colleague, we just roamed around the small area next to the university. 
We took about thirty minutes to stroll the area but really there’s nothing much to see. Just a small town for the university student and the area is quite calm. 
If you are interested to continue your study in Charles III University in Madrid, do check out their website here.
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