Lunch at El Ladrillo, Granada

Lunch at El Ladrillo Granada

We had lunch at El Ladrillo II twice! The first was after Friday prayer (15th August 2014) and we were quite famished! The prayer finished at about 3 pm and yeahh…we always have our lunch pretty late. I’m kinda get used to it now.

After checking out all the other three restaurants, we were refused of our money saving Menu del Dia. My husband said there were so many people so the waiters probably did not have time to attend to people ordering menu del dia because it’s cheap and not making many profit for them.

How cheap? You can get as cheap as 7 euro per person for Menu del Dia (not including IVA) for bread, appetizer and main meal. Unfortunately, you have to order a drink and water is not free.

Want to order your Menu del Dia? Read here first.

El Ladrillo
The bar area in El Ladrillo II. We waited here before getting our seats on the first floor.
We walked into many alleys and finally saw a decent restaurant. I was attracted by the interior and decided there and then to eat at El Ladrillo II!
Luck was on our side. The waitress said there was Menu del Dia. Mind you..we were there after 3pm! She was so kind.
But…the pretty patio! Arghh!! The place was full so we had to dine upstairs. We settled for a bit more privacy as only a table was occupied other than us.
El Ladrillo
I fell in love with the staircase and the warm first floor. ^^ Pity my husband. I love sun and warmth..hehe.
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We ordered potato with onion and green pepper fried in olive oil and salad for appetizer (primer plato) and fried seafood for main meal (segundo plato). Bread is given once you made your order.
We had to order mineral water and in the case of El Ladrillo II; you have to order the big bottle or the carbonated water (agua con gas) for a small bottle (not sweet) but both are the same price.
The salad was just normal but this was my first time eating potato fried like this. Either we were too famished or the food was delicious; we were pretty unsure of that but we cleaned the plate!! Hehehe… I love the potato so much that I cooked it twice in Madrid.
In the restaurant, it cost 8 euro per plate but back home..less than 1 euro. ^^
El Ladrillo
The main meal in El Ladrillo II was heavenly….hmm…maybe because I have not eaten seafood for quite some time. About two months to be exact. I could only eat half of it. The serving was huge! The rest was into my husband’s stomach. ^^
In total = 20.80 euro
El Ladrillo
El Ladrillo
The same happened on the third day (rejected of our menu del dia) but this time we went straight into El Ladrillo II because the time  was past 4 pm, I was super hungry and could eat a cow. I couldn’t wait!!
This time we got a seat at the pretty patio. Yeah!!

They also did not offer menu del dia so we just had to break our piggy bank for our last lunch in Granada.

El Ladrillo
 We ordered:
1- mixed salad
2- boquerones frita –  fried small white anchovies (delicious!!)
3- paella de mariscos – seafood paella
4- the compulsory drink – water 1.5 liter
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El Ladrillo
The total was about 45 euros but it was worth every euro huhuhu… the paella was superb although my husband said Valencia’s paella is much much better. I don’t know when I will go to Valencia but I know I had to eat paella then. ^^
Whatever!! Do not spoil my appreciation please…hahhahha *super hungry mode*
Want to cook your own paella at home? This might not be the original one from Valencia but the recipe is pretty simple to adopt. Valencian, don’t kill me! I just feel that it’s easier to cook this much for a trial. ^^

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