LAC Bus in Granada

LAC bus in Granada

The LAC bus service is pretty new in Granada city. It just started on 29th June 2014 and LAC is the abbreviation for ‘Linea de Alta Capacidad’. More info here (in Spanish).

LAC bus
SN1 bus from Granada bus station.

Hence I was surprised that we needed to transfer to another type of bus called LAC as informed by the SN1 bus driver (we rode SN1 from Granada bus station to the city center). You can read my post on Granada bus station here.

I did my due diligence before coming to Granada though by checking many blogs and tourism sites on Granada but unfortunately I did miss out on this single piece of information after all those hard effort. Hahaha…

Do not fret! It is not a big deal because the transfer was a breeze. I was lucky because my husband speaks Spanish but for others? Easy…very easy. *Don’t roll your eyes yet! Hehehe*
Just speak to the driver in English like myself…haha. If you don’t understand anything, a single word at all, stay close or sit just behind or next to the driver. By the time you reach the bus stop that you need to get out for the transfer, the driver will graciously ask you to get off there. Easy right? Hehehe…you may roll your eyes now.
LAC bus

Picture from

This is how LAC bus looks like. A two-coach-attached bus. Quite long, I felt safe and comfortable inside the new bus service.
A bus ride from Granada bus station to Granada city center costs 1.20 euro (inclusive of transfer within 60 minutes).
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Granada bus station
Our bus ticket has bar code imprinted and once we reached the bus stop for LAC bus transfer, simply use the bar code scanner to validate our ticket at the bus stop and hop on to the LAC bus.
Granada bus Station

This is the LAC ticket scanner.

If you use a travel card – CREDIBUS or BONO, validate your card on top. If you have single journey ticket, validate the bar code underneath.
LAC bus

This is how a LAC bus stop looks like and you could see the ticket vending machine and the card/ticket scanner on the right. We bought our CREDIBUS card at that ticket vending machine. ^^

Credibus Card Granada

This is the CREDIBUS card.

2 euro is for the card deposit and 5 euro for 7 trips. We shared this card for two person and I saw as many as five persons shared the same card before.
You can save much more by having this card. A journey with single ticket is 1.20 euro but a single journey with CREDIBUS card will only cost you 0.79 euro!!
LAC bus

Our LAC bus is coming!

See you soon in another post. ^^
We alighted at the Cathedral bus stop and walked a bit to find our nest for the next few days – Los Tilos Hotel.
For more latest information on Granada urban bus:

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  1. Hello, I am planning to go to Granada at 5th of July and thinking of buying a Credibus card. I am traveling in a group of 6 people, and I'd like to know if we could use 1 card for all of us. So for each bus trip, you just tap to validate the card according to the number of people in the group (twice for 2 people and so on)? Thanks.

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