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Our first day at Granada Mosque was on Friday, the 15th of August 2014.

We purposely booked a weekend getaway from Madrid to coincide with Friday prayer time…so we could have a chance to pray at Mezquita de Granada (in Spanish) or Granada Mosque. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our wish.

As usual, we need some research done here. ^^
The Granada Mosque is situated in Albayzin area. I love this place, I really do and will definitely (InsyaAllah) at least write two posts on this awesome area.

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The importance of good shoes in Albayzin…see those rocks? Killing my feet too many times….*sigh*

But…get yourself physically fit – if you plan to walk UPHILL. Yes..Albayzin is awesome but the journey is gonna cause some serious damage to your feet and legs if you don’t wear the proper shoes.

Granada 2BCity 2BTour 2BBus
Another option is to hire the Granada City Tour bus service for 8 euro per day. Both ways work fine. However, we ditched the bus plan and eventually walked uphill all the three days we were in Granada. Awesome!!
This post gonna be long as I will divide it into three parts according to the days when we went to the mosque:

DAY 1 (FRIDAY) 15th August 2014

Well… after checking in into Los Tilos Hotel, after getting a few hours nap and nice shower, it is time to walk those legs baby! ^^
We followed the route from:
  1. Calle Reyes Catolicos
  2. Plaza Nueva
  3. go along the route of the river
Granada 2BMosque1
Phew..1.8 km…shed some kilos there!
As we walked along Plaza Nueva, there are so many restaurants and some HALAL restaurants like Kabab King and Shawarma King are also along Calle Reyes Catolicos.
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At this point on, I just wanna stress here that for Albayzin area, you should have Google Maps app. This will help you a lot!
The day was pretty hot and the sun was shining brightly right on top of our heads on DAY 1 as we headed for Friday prayer. I updated my Muslim Pro application in my handphone for Granada Area and the Adzan was played at about 2.20 p.m.
We hadn’t had our lunch yet but surprisingly I didn’t feel hungry just thirsty. Well..I normally eat my lunch between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Madrid anyway. This is my meal time strictly ONLY when I live in Madrid.

Well, we passed by this lovely river with a drop dead gorgeous vista right at the back of me there. Alhambra!! Right after that picture above we were heading for some serious hiking. Yeah!! I was panting by this time..hahah..

To 2BGranada 2BMosque1

By the time we reached Granada mosque, the imam was halfway through the ‘khutbah’ (sermon). I went straight to the women prayer hall. There were two doors.

The women prayer hall has a separate door behind the building and the men go through the main entrance. I headed down to the ablution room at the basement, waited for the sermon to finish and prayed.
Granada 2BMosque11
First – My husband and a Spanish Muslim. We bought his work of art – Allah’s inscription on white plaster.
Second – The opening time of the mosque. If the main gate is not opened, just use the small door at the main gate.
Third – The minaret of Granada Mosque. The entrance for women is from here (walk to the small alley, to your right from a teteria just next to the main entrance of the mosque.
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DAY 2 (SATURDAY) 16th of August 2014

We walked uphill from another route to the mosque for Maghrib and Isya’ prayer. There are many Moroccan or Arabs selling souvenirs along this route. Arrayanes restaurant is also located around this area – Cuesta Marañas.
There were so many people around San Nicolas Mirador to check out Alhambra at dusk. However, we had our better view sin the crowds at…guess what? The Granada Mosque!! Shhh…don’t tell anyone please! ^^
The picture I took of Alhambra at dusk. I just wish that I have a DSLR camera. *sigh*
Granada 2BMosque3
My husband stood on the ground of San Nicolas Mirador and behind him is the Granada Mosque.

DAY 3 (SUNDAY) 17th of August 2014

Granada 2BMosque4

Granada Mosque from the women prayer hall.

Among all the three days that we came here for prayers, I think the last day was a great day and the best of them all. A gift from Allah to me.


While waiting for Zuhr prayer, I met a French Muslimah from Marseilles. She has stayed in Morocco for 4 months back in 2010 and after receiving the hidayah from Allah, she converted to Islam. Allahuakbar.
It is now her fourth year being a Muslimah. Alhamdulillah..ya Allah, I don’t deserve this gift but time and again You bring me closer to You. She was curious how I could be a Malaysian, married to a Moroccan and live in Spain?
I told her the truth.
Allah brought me and my husband together because of His deen, Islam. Alhamdulillah. She said MasyaAllah again and again and again. She could speak Arabic (which just motivates me more) and covered herself so well such that she could just pray with the clothes that she has on (another point that I’m trying to adapt myself with).
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Insha Allah, one day.
The French Muslimah was travelling with a girl friend for 10 days covering The Andalucia – Cordoba, Granada and Seville. Unfortunately, I did not get her name, her contact details or taken a picture with her.
I didn’t regret it. As Allah gave me this gift to meet her, insyaAllah by His grace and blessing maybe one day we will meet again in Marseille. Only Allah knows.

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