Granada Bus Station

Granada bus station

When we were about to reach Granada bus station, the bus driver turned on the lights in the bus and told us that we were near Granada bus station now and be prepared to alight.

I saw a gas station called Red ahorro right before entering Granada bus station and it states the price at a signboard outside. 1.259 euro for the normal petrol, I guess.

Then I saw, the tram track on the road and I wonder if there is any tram that we could try for a ride later?

According to my husband it is a new addition to the historical city and I can’t wait to try. I am game for anything!! Well…not every single thing..teeheee.

Granada bus Station

It was 6.30 a.m. by the time we arrived and the bus station is still the same old same old as my husband said. He visited Granada last on 2005.

Granada bus station

There was a very huge advertisement for the Granada city tour bus for only 8 euro a day which covered 5 areas around the city of Granada.

They are:

  1. Granada city center
  2. Alhambra
  3. Albaicin
  4. Cathedral
  5. Realejo
I thought that the price was kinda okay for a day trip until I really see Granada with my own eyes. Probably the Granada city tour bus suits people who are either:
  • In Granada for a day
  • Elderly
  • Have knee problem because Albayzin is kinda steep
  • Want a leisure tour experience sin the hiking

Personally, I think that a day is just not enough to explore all those five places! Myself alone needs at least five hours to cover Alhambra.

Honestly, we couldn’t sleep well in the bus. It was stuffy and warm with very little to no air conditioner.

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So, once we touched down we just needed to head over to the restroom immediately. I was kinda surprised at how clean and spacey it was.

After taking the ablution for Fajr prayer, we headed to the nearest garden (which was not so near) so we ended up praying at a parking lot.

It was still dark at 7.00 a.m. and my intention to buy a transport ticket to save our transportation budget was dashed because the Estanco (tobacco kiosk) will be opened only at around 9.00 am but…little did I know as something better was waiting for us.

We took the bus number SN1 to the central. My husband told me that in Granada, the bus drivers speak fluent English. So I was excited cause I don’t have to embarrass myself with my poor handling of Spanish language.

I asked the bus driver “How can I go to Plaza de Bib Rambla?”

Guess what?!!
He speaks to me in fluent SPANISH!!
My foxy husband!! You gonna be a meatloaf!!
I understood not a single word because I was so flustered by his rapid reply! Actually he said that we need to transfer to another bus called LAC.
Granada bus station

SN1 ticket bus with bar code for the next transfer.

Plus the best thing is we indeed saved our budget because any transfer (transborder) within 60 minutes is free. Yeay!! Only 1.20 euro.

Our bus ticket has bar code imprinted and once we reached another stop where we had to transfer, simply use the bar code scanner at the other bus stop.

Granada bus station

Bar code scanner at LAC bus stop.

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We rode a two-coach detached bus called LAC. It’s pretty new and just launched at the end of June 2014.

For more information you can check out this website about LAC bus:

Once we heard that the next stop is Cathedral bus stop, we get off there and walked a bit to find our nest for the next few days – Los Tilos Hotel.

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