Albayzin – Part 2

Continuing my post on Albayzin – Part 1,where I have left it pretttty long because of my time constraint and etc. Yeah…an excuse..hehe. I better start writing about it before it is gone from my memory.

Albayzin Day2 0

We walked up to the area where many Moroccan sellers selling similar type of souvenirs just like in Morocco as Mr H said. He felt like he was in Morocco! This street is Calle Calderia Nueva.

Albayzin Day2 1

The picture above was on the second day when we were in Albayzin. This same street (as with the first picture) was lined up with many restaurants and the infamous one like Arrayanes was on this street too.

I would love to try the Moroccan food here but the a la carte price is pretty expensive so we decided to skip it as we can always go to Morocco and try the authentic one cooked by tadaaaaa..Mr H’s family. Huhuhu…

Once we walked up the hill, we were amazed by the pebbled street. Subhanallah..Masya Allah. Very pretty!

Arrayanes restaurant
Cuesta Marañas 4 18010 ALBAYZIN (GRANADA)
Phone: +0034 958 228 401 / +0034 958 215 109 / +0034 619 07 68 62
Albayzin Day2 2
Albayzin Day2 3

Everytime we walked down Albayzin, we will try to find a different route and we would be surprised with many different sights. I love this small garden surrounded by houses in the middle of nowhere with a little chair as in the above and a small fountain to highlight the ambiance. Love it!

Albayzin Day2 4

By the time we reached this footpath, both of my feet were screaming…¨Tired!! Painful!!¨ But my eyes weren´t! I just couldn´t get enough of Granada. Not ready to say goodbye..T_T

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