Granada Cathedral

We arrived in Granada at the wee hour. Once we took the bus to the city center the first building that caught our eyes when we alighted was Granada Cathedral.

Granada Cathedral1

This picture of Granada Cathedral was taken at around 8.00 am on 15th of August 2014. Very bright sky and hot summer in Granada. It reached 37 degree Celsius in the afternoon and walking outside in that weather almost toasted us. ^^

Since we could only checked in at 10.30 a.m. into Los Tilos Hotel (on our first day in Granada and check my review of the hotel here), we wandered around quite a bit around the area.

The first spot was Granada Cathedral. It is really HUGE!! *sayup mata memandang…I just had had to say this in Malay language to show how tall this cathedral is…hehehe..*

The exact same spot of Granada Cathedral was actually the spot of Granada Mosque – ‘Foundations for the church were laid by the architect Egas starting from 1518 to 1523 atop the site of the city’s main mosque’ Wikipedia and ‘Granada Cathedral was built by Queen Isabella immediately after the conquest of Granada on the site of the Mosque. This cathedral is a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance

Granada Cathedral3
Granada Cathedral2
This area is just right in front of where I stood in the picture above. It was about 9 a.m. but not a single soul to be seen except us. So…breakfast normally starts at 10 a.m. for us at least, here.
It was about 9 a.m. at the time we arrived hence the door to the cathedral was still closed. Our hotel is very very close to the cathedral that we just could not avoid it to go to any other areas in our plan. We just had to pass by the cathedral. That is how near it is to our hotel. 1 minute walking…I swear. ^^
Granada Cathedral6
Granada Cathedral5
People sell infused tea along the alley behind the cathedral. We bought some to bring home at another shop around this area.
I am not sure about the visiting hour to Granada Cathedral though but we went in on Sunday at about 11 a.m. and I guess maybe it was after the morning mass.
I told Mr H that I wanted to check out Granada Cathedral’s interior.and there were many people queuing up to enter the cathedral. We just went in with the crowd.
Granada Cathedral7

We entered the Cathedral and there was no entrance fee but picture or video taking of the interior were strictly prohibited.

The day before visiting the cathedral, we visited Alhambra which was on Saturday, Hmmm…after seeing the awesomeness of Alhambra, the cathedral just couldn’t come close (this is my IMHO so you’re entitled on your own).
I had seen a few cathedrals and many aesthetically pleasing buildings in my life but after seeing Alhambra, all of them fell inferior to the superiority and intricate work of arts of Alhambra.
The Alhambra gave out that majestic feeling and absolute submission to your and my creator. How could I deny that feeling and not cried when I entered it?
Ahah!! That reminds me of Noonas Over Flowers (a Korean variety show) when they visited the two mosques in Turkey; Hagia Sophia (which was initially a church turned mosque turned museum now) and the Blue Mosque (which is currently being used for prayers).
One of the actresses in Kkot boda noona; Yoon Yeo Jeong cried when she entered the Blue mosque as she saw the Blue Mosque’s architecture, interior design and people prostrating to the Only God (in episode 2, I think) but she did not cry when she entered Hagia Sophia. 

How beautiful…

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