Albayzin – Part 3

Today (our third and the last day in Granada), we tried another route up to Albayzin. We walked towards Puerta de Elvira from Calle Elvira.

Albayzin Day3

We stopped in front of a little iglesia or chapel and replenished our water. I told my husband that my conventional parents would scold me if they see me drinking the water. They might think that it was holy water!!

Another thing that surprised me was that that everytime I drank water from the tap or in the water fountain in Granada, I never went down with flu or sore throat! was close to 40 degree Celcius in August when we visited Granada.

Subhanallah…no taste of Chlorine either..May Allah protect and bless me and my family with good health to glorify Him always..Amin

Albayzin Day3 2
Albayzin Day3 3

Then, we walked toward a garden called as Plaza del Triunfo which is located right in front of the Real Hospital. There is a church with a bell ringing for quite sometime, most probably calling the people for the morning mass.

Then we walked up to Real Hospital which is no longer on operation. It is really antique and I wished that it is still being used. Maybe they close it because of ghosts? Spooky ehhhh? Hahahha..

Albayzin Day3 4
Albayzin Day3 5
The route uphill was pretty tiring and steeper than the two days before and this one led us to the Sacromonte area where the new settlemens are located. Very new and pretty building and much higher to provide a breathtaking vista of Granada city.
We never regretted a single second of it although the scorching hot was kinda undoing us.
But then we was greeted with an awesome stretch of the Muralla which means wall in Spanish which reminds me of the Great Wall of China! This wall is going from Sacromonte up to San Miguel Alto.
Also, we found a factory of ceramic! Pretty neat!
Albayzin Day3 6
Albayzin Day3 8
Albayzin Day3 9

The continuation of the Muralla (the walls of Granada) up to Jose Miguel Alto.

We walked until Jose Miguel Alto and took pictures of Alhambra from there. Magnificent view. Subhanallah. Anyway, I am gonna tell something silly. We found many huge cactus trees and they have ripe fruits! Mr H told me the fruits are really tasty and in Morocco he ate those. So guess what?? We are the ladrones!! Hahahha… We plucked them to eat in Madrid.

Albayzin Day3 10
Albayzin Day3 11

Right under Jose Miguel Alto, there are a few houses in a small cave.

After lunch, it was already 4.30pm and our bus for Madrid will be at 6.00pm. So we hurried down the hill towards our hotel.
The best thing about Albayzin is that that we never take the same route every time we went up or down the hill.
We were blessed with awesome views and little surprises every time we visited Albayzin..Alhamdulillah.

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