Alcaiceria in Granada

Souvenirs from Granada

There is nothing like some souvenirs from Granada as a momento to reminisce your visit to one part of this amazing Andalusia region. The perfect place to get your souvenirs from Granada is none other than Alcaiceria. Initially, Alcaiceria is an area of streets between Plaza Nueva and Plaza Bib-Rambla full with vendors selling silks, …

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Albayzin Granada Spain

Albayzin – Part 2

Continuing my post on Albayzin – Part 1,where I have left it pretttty long because of my time constraint and etc. Yeah…an excuse..hehe. I better start writing about it before it is gone from my memory. We walked up to the area where many Moroccan sellers selling similar type of souvenirs just like in Morocco …

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Albayzin Granada Spain

Albayzin – Part 1

Ahhh… *sigh* a lovely place, my Albayzin. One of the few places that I wish to visit again, Albayzin in Granada,Spain. My only two grudges are..the pebble-paved road and the dog’s ^^. So many dog poop…a statistic says that there are about 4.8 million dogs against 40 million people living in Spain. Not a shocker …

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