My Third Spanish Class in Madrid


This is my third Spanish class post.

The teacher came late. Roughly after 10 minutes. My class is every Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and 2 hours is pretty long if you only understand less than half of what being discussed in the class. T__T

Tonight we continued from the page 19 of Nivel Elemental Español 2000.

We started off with changing the sentence from singular to plural form. I managed, somehow..pheww. After that, the teacher asked us to repeat the numbers in Spanish.

Uno, dos, tres….and etc. Since everyone has to repeat from number one to 50 and we have about 11 attendees today so I daydreamed a bit.

It went like this..four, tres, two, uno……lalalala…the Fergie of Black Eyed Peas’s song ‘Fergalicious’ kept repeating in my mind.

Let’s get serious.I will list down the numbers here and read ONLY if and only if you are interested.

1- uno
2- dos
3- tres
4- cuatro
5- cinco
6- seis
7- siete
8- ocho
9- nueve
10- diez
11- once
12- doce
13- trece
14- catorce
15- quince
16- dieciseis
17- diecisiete
18- dieciocho
19- diecinueve
20- veinte
21- veintiuno
22- veintidos
23- veintitres
24- veinticuatro
25- veinticinco
26- veintiseis
27- veintisiete
28- veintiocho
29- veintinueve
30- treinta
31- treinta y uno
32- treinta y dos
33- treinta y tres
34- treinta y cuatro
35- treinta y cinco
36- treinta y seis
37- treinta y siete
38- treinta y ocho
39- treinta y nueve
40- cuarenta
41- cuarenta y uno
42- cuarenta y dos
43- cuarenta y tres
44- cuarenta y cuatro
45- cuarenta y cinco
46- cuarenta y seis
47- cuarenta y siete
48- cuarenta y ocho
49- cuarenta y nueve
50- cincuenta
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There you go…but of course you should learn how to pronounce the letter in Spanish first. You can go to this site that I’m currently using as another learning material.
On another story, I met an Egyptian American and a Polish girl in the Metro Madrid on the way to Legazpi Station today.
Both of them had a conversation in English and I just couldn’t help myself but to speak to them. The guy has stayed around four years and the girl has stayed 10 years in Madrid.
We discussed about learning Spanish and both of them assured me that I will be able to converse in Spanish pretty fast as I speak English.
Hmm…I am quite motivated to learn now! Hehehe…after getting some motivation from pure strangers. Both of them love Madrid…well, the Madrid now is kinda chaotic with the workers strike and the economic issues.
As they said that any city, any country has their own set of problems. However, in Spain there are so many fiestas (festivals) where they had had fun which made leaving Spain is a hard thing to do and decided to stay for long.
I just hope that I will eventually fall in love with Spain. I fell head over heel with South Korea but I am pretty sure that my love for Spain is kinda like burning amber, slow but longer lasting, just like them.

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  1. "I fell head over heel with South Korea…"
    나도~~ ㅠㅅㅠ

    Just back in M'sia after 50days trip in Seoul. Akak, after like almost 4 years follow akak punya blog, finally berjaya juga buat long-term trip dekat Korea. Thanks to akak and blog akak sebab sedikit sebanyak bg saya courage utk travel alone dekat sana 🙂 Macam tak percaya je dah kena balik Malaysia.


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