My Second Spanish Class in Madrid

Second Spanish Class

So many changes in my second session of my Spanish class!

First, the schedule has been changed  from Tuesday (Martes) to Thursday (Jueves).

Second, the teacher (profesor) has been changed from a woman (la profesora) to a man (el profesor).

31st October was Halloween celebration in Spain, so I was afraid that no one would attend the class. But my assumption went side ways..hehe. I was the last to arrive!! Bad..bad..

I love the changes especially the teacher. The previous teacher was very rapid in teaching but the new one  taught with just the right speed. Rather…the speed that I want. ^^
FYI, I am basically zero here. I don’t have any clue about Spanish language.
My Spanish homework

My Spanish homework.

Okay…okay…maybe I have an advantage – my husband speaks Spanish. But still…*rolling my eyes*
So, after having two classes so far..I finally realized that that in Spanish language I must:
  1. always always change the verbs according to pronouns – Yo, tù, èl/ella, nosotros/nosotras, vosotros/vosotras, ellos/ellas
  2. memorize the verbs, nouns, adjectives in it masculine and feminine form
That is pretty basic yeah? At least for me..I just want to simplify my learning approach. However, I have another tiny situation where I can´t really recognize the intonation pattern in Spanish. Whatever it is, I find that speaking rapidly is the only option now hehehe.
And…I have to roll my ´r´ and ´rr´…that´s pretty easy…heheh I just need to get my Javanese tongue work again. My parents speak Javanese language so thickening the ´r´ is not such a big issue for me.
My husband urged me to attend formal classes in university but I refused. I need time to have my foundation strengthened and I don’t want to be rushed doing so. No additional stress please…por favor!
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Well…before I finish off this post, there is one thing that I’m pretty curious about my teacher, I mean both of my teachers.
They kept saying for us to use pencil instead of our pen to scribble in our textbooks. Hmmm…I don’t get the point! The books is ours anyway..*rolling my eyes*. Doing the assignment in another book with pen is fine though.
I am right now listening to many Spanish podcasts from This is the same online language website that I have used to study Korean language back then in 2009 for my South Korea’s blog. You might want to do the same..just in case it would help you like it had for me. ^^
Autumn in villaverde bajo

Autumn is here! (the view from my house @ Villaverde Bajo)

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