My Last Spanish Class

Yes…I am barely into the language and now I have to end my Spanish class already??!! Really really sad.. I went to many FREE Spanish class all around Madrid. They are:
Today in my Los Rosales Spanish class, there were only 7 students; two Indians, one Bangladeshi, one Romanian, one Chinese, one Brazilian and one Malaysian (me!).
About 30 minutes before the class ended, my teacher informed us that there would be a long holiday and the class will recommence on the 9th of January, 2014.
I was lost…so deep into my thoughts.
That means I had to tell the class that I will not be coming until maybe after summer…o despues de la primavera? No…I’m not going to buy a pair of new shoes in Primavera…not that shop. La Primavera means spring in Spanish.
Yes..I just knew the meaning of primavera now…..hehehe. teacher asked me my reason, and my shortcut answer was because of my job..partly the tour guide stint in South Korea and partly because of the visa application. Can’t avoid it anyway. I will be going back to Malaysia on the 4th January 2014. Alone….T__T
Arghhhhh…..but I just have to  look at everything with a half-glass-is-full mindset. Girls, this is one of the challenges when you are married to a foreigner. So many papers to process and so much money to spend on. Well..all because of LOVE! 
When the class ended, I gave my Spanish book away to the Romanian grandmother as an early Christmas gift.
She was SO touched and I was getting teary because we both knew that she could not afford to buy the book. I couldn’t help myself not to give the book to her because she was such a fighter!
Imagine this. She was a GRANDMOTHER of nearly 70 years old and she still has the motivation to learn. What a cool grandmother! I hope that I will spend my later years looking for knowledge just like her. Insha Allah.
The funny thing was…I speak very little Spanish at the time but every time she sees me entering the class, her face lights up and she happily pulls me aside for a chat in 100% Romanian language. I know nuts of what she talks about but I felt contented when I see her smile.
Oh well..what about my study then?
Hmm…loads of FREE courses like in SpanishPod101 and many other sites to study from so I have little worries. Plus my husband is there to correct my mistakes hehe.
Christmas in Puerta del Sol
Christmas in Puerta del Sol
Okay then…so much goodbyes and sad parting but a happy Christmas is around the corner. Here in Spain the equivalent of Merry Christmas is Feliz Navidad.
Navidad is Christmas in Spanish…I also just learned this word. Hehehe..because I saw many advertisements on the television and our favorite channel is La Sexta.
They spin so many ads for four to six minutes for every commercial break and I swear at least 50% was perfume related ads for lalalala surprise..Navidad!
Enjoy your vacation and me off to work. Anyong Korea!
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  1. Salaam sis…just stumbled on your blog and am loving it! I studied Spanish at uni and one of the best textbooks I found was 'Dos Mundos'…it didn't take me long before I could speak conversationally! (it comes with a CD…veryyyy useful!) Anywho, I love your blog about Korea and can't wait to read more about your time in Spain! 🙂 Just a quick question–what is it like as a hijabi in Spain? Would love it if you could write a post about it!! :)))

    Hasta luego, hermana! 🙂

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