Lesson 26 of Madinah Arabic Book 2

I have been competing against my lazy self to complete Book 2 of Madinah Arabic by end of April and to spend some weeks of May to revise all the lessons in Book 1 and Book 2 before taking a step further towards Book 3.
My aim is to have solid understanding of the grammar in Book 1 and Book 2 before continuing with Book 3. Bi iznillah. All  materials can be downloaded from LQToronto for FREE here.

Today, after starting  Lesson 26 of Madinah Arabic Book 2 to learn about the first group of weak verbs (المعتل ) under fa (ف) kalimah and the week letter is wau (و ), I was motivated to study Arabic with more enthusiasm after hearing Brother Asif’s words of encouragement.While explaining the command verb / fiil amr / = Hab / هب at minutes 12:24, Brother Asif said;

“Rabbanaa hab lanaa – ربنا هب لنا

When you say this du’a , first..we must understand what we are saying

When we say Rabbanaa ربنا, it is ‘Yaa..’ يا there

When there is somebody is in front of you

Allah is very closer to you

He is closer to you than your jugular veins

He is closer to you and you are talking to Him

Hab lanaa هب لنا

What is Hab هب?

Fi’ilun amrin mabniyun ala sukun / فعل أمر مبني على السكون

Where is the fa’il فاعل?

mustatir مستتر, takdiruhu anta تقديره أنتَ

When do you say anta أنتَ?

When there is somebody is in front of you!

So, Allah is in front of us.

We got to feel those emotions in us when we say

Rabbanaa hab lanaa – ربنا هب لنا

You who are standing in front of me, I am beseeching You. I am begging You.

We are in communication with Allah SWT.

The knowledge of the language will produce these feelings in you.

You will feel things differently.

You will say your ‘solah صلاة’ (prayer) with a different emotion. Insha Allah.”


Lesson 26 Book 2 Madinah Arabic

Alhamdulillah, everyday is a little step for me to understand Allah’s words better by learning Arabic consistently and gain the sweetness of the experience. May Allah reward us for our struggle to seek beneficial knowledge to improve our ibadah and seek His pleasure every single day. Amin.

4 thoughts on “Lesson 26 of Madinah Arabic Book 2”

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  2. mashaallah sis that was a good summary. i am also on book 2 doing an intensive madinah arabic and missed loads when i went to umra. been trying to find a way of catching up. do you have sny other notes on madinah book 2 ? would be great to get any revision notes.

  3. Assalamualaikum Sister Khalida,
    Ramadan Kareem! 🙂

    I am using all the resources from LQToronto website where you can download all of them free of charge (MashaAllah) here http://www.lqtoronto.com/downloads.html.

    A tip: I read all the Madina books keys and revise them frequently as much as I can. They are priceless.

    May Allah reward Dr. Abdur Rahim and the LQToronto team many folds for their services in propagating and teaching Arabic Language. Ameen.

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