How to Go to Segovia from Madrid

2017 runs pretty quick and it is already 10th of January today! Subhanallah. We went to Segovia last week on my birthday, yeay! !Alhamdulillah and in this post I will explain how to go to Segovia from Madrid. 
I will write a few posts for our Segovia trip though and will keep them short and sweet as I am strapped for time to prepare for the incoming Intensive Arabic final exam (which has still many modules to complete, ack!) and also to revise Madinah Arabic Book 2 for the new semester which will start in early February, Insha Allah. 
Okay..we took Metro from our house to Moncloa Metro Station, Line 3 (yellow). If you stay in Sol, there’s Line 3 going from there.
According to Google Map, it will take you about 12 minutes from Sol to Moncloa for 1.50 euro, one way.
Moncloa Metro Station has an underground shopping complex and right after exiting the metro, there is an information office. As usual my husband adviced me to polish my terrible Spanish, ack!!. 🙂 
Here goes…*I will survive!! lalala…*
Hola, buenos dias! (The time is about 12 noon but they still use good morning if the lunch time has not passed). 
Hola, buenos dias!
Como ir a Segovia?
El autobus se llama La Sepulvedana y la taquilla esta en nivel -2 al lado de dunkin donuts.
She spoke pretty fast! Maybe she recognized my confused face hahah…so she wrote down ‘La Sepulvedana’ on a paper for me. 
Gracias. Hasta luego.
La Sepulvedana bus to Segovia
This is the bus!
After that, off we went to the basement second floor and I saw the Dunkin Donuts shop right next to the ticket office of La Sepulvedana.
The bus schedule is shown on a screen and I could see that there is almost a bus every hour going to Segovia. You can see the detail bus schedule on their website here (in English). 
The earliest bus for us was at 12.15 pm. It was Tuesday but there were so many tourists going to Segovia! Could we get the ticket? Hmm… many Korean tourists too. 정말 반갑다…
Right in front of us were two Korean girls buying tickets in English and the officer was explaining to them with a mix of English and Spanish. Hehe..Yes, I found that many Spanish understand English when spoken to them but they just would not want to respond to me in English. Please..Por favor! 
So better be ready with some survival Spanish phrase!
La Sepulvedana bus ticket
So we got our return tickets (ida y vuelta) for 14,24 euros per person for the 12.15pm bus. You must keep the ticket safe as you will need them for the return bus from Segovia to Madrid. 
There is no seat (plaza) allocation and you are free to choose any available seat in the bus. That means we have to hurry!!
We went down another level to go to the bus platform number 9 to wait for the bus but there was already a long queue. Oh no! 
I had bought donuts and orange juice for the journey but the driver told us to throw the juice away. Well we slurped the whole thing in record time but we suffered a lot during the journey as we need the ‘servicios’!
Luckily the journey was only an hour. No traffic jam whatsoever but the return journey from Segovia to Madrid took us an hour and 40 minutes as we took the 5.15pm bus from Segovia. We met the traffic jam during the last 30 minutes going into Madrid. 
La Sepulvedana seats have no ample space in between them just for your information. It is just okay for us but we offset it with the magnificent view of the snowy mountain top during the journey. Win-win. 🙂 
My husband had been to Segovia some ten years back in his late twenties and he also was looking forward on how the latest Segovia looks like. 
I was excited, of course. Anyway, Spain’s historical sites are just magnificently beautiful. 
Puerta de Segovia
We arrived at Segovia an hour later and the first picture I took from inside the bus was this small gate of Segovia. 
The bus driver dropped us off at the main road and from there we walked towards Aqueduct of Segovia. It was not hard to find it as almost all the people were tourists and heading towards the same direction.
We just followed them.
Okay, remember the bus return ticket that we bought earlier? You need to exchange that with a return ticket. 
Go to the other side of the road where La Sepulvedana bus parked and go inside the building to exchange for another ticket like the picture below. The officer will allocate the time and which bus you should take. 
La Sepulvedana return ticket
Show the ticket to the bus driver and he will direct you to the right bus. 
Enjoy your time in Segovia. 🙂
Adios! *Back to study mode.. 공부 공부 아자 아자!*
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