Harira Soup for Iftar

Sup Harira

It is already 19th Ramadan 1435H and it is entirely impossible for a Moroccan descent to break the fast without their traditional Moroccan soup; Harira.

We haven’t had the chance to break the fast (Iftar) at any of the mosques yet because the nearest to our home is the Estrecho mosque but the Iftar is not properly organized as told by my husband. So, consequently the whole Iftar process will be quite a mess.

I wish to perform taraweeh prayer at the mosque, at least… but…why so many buts?

Here is why.

Summer in Madrid during July, 2014 means a whopping 17 hours of daylight! Yes, I miss Ramadhan in Malaysia. T_T We spend the Ramadan from basically 4.45am to 9.50pm (más o menos) during this Ramadan 1435H in Madrid. Isya’ prayer time is at about 11.40pm.

Taraweeh and Witr finish at about 1.00am in the morning. Although the Madrid Metro closes at 1.30am, it takes about 1 hour to reach our house since we normally transit to Cercanias train either in Sol or Atocha station which we will definitely miss the connecting train.

There is an option:  Madrid night buses

Possible but not feasible. It takes about 2 hours to reach home as we have to transit a few buses. Coming home at 3.00 am and then preparing the Suhuur and then continue the next day fasting at 4.45am?

Hmmm…not neat.

So we’d rather spend the time praying Taraweeh and Witr at home, together.
Not that we don’t want to sacrifice a little because of Ramadan or what not, we will definitely give it a shot for the last 10 nights which will start in another day.

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What do we have for Iftar normally?

Sup Harira Iftar Ramadhan

Harira soup…a definite must and my husband’s favorite.

I don’t cook it but our Moroccan neighbor kindly pass some to us. She was super kind to write down the whole process of making Harira for me! But, till today..I still have no confidence to make one.
My lame review on Harira?

One spoon and no more for me. I love it! Definitely not like any of the soup I have tasted before in my life but rest assured that it is as rich as Moroccan culture. Inside Harira…I think..there’s like a melting pot of all the spices in the world!! You name it. Cumin is a dominant one, in my opinion.
I am gonna hold myself back for Harira soup at least for now cause too much spices put my tongue off. Sorry Harira…we just don’t mix well together.
Zaitun Aceitunas

My favorite anchovies sambal and pickled olive.

Other than Harira, I normally cook simple stuff – fried rice, fried noodle (mee hoon), chicken kurma, chicken curry and the normal accompanying vegetables.
Tajine Ayam

When a man cooks, he cooks well. Delicious!!

The above picture is the occasional Moroccan dish; tajine cooked by my husband. Superb. Masha Allah.
Ohh…I made Bombay Briyani once using the easiest ready-made concoction ever. This is not an advertisement for Laziza Food – http://www.lazizafoods.com/ but me and my father swear by this delicious stuff. Girls Scout oath! Hahaha..
Rempah Laziza
I found this by accident in Korea…not again! Hahaha…why I just can’t simply forget Korea…anyway, my father is a huge fan of Briyani and his favorite is in Batu Pahat, Johor which is also one of my favorites.
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He asked me to buy a ready made spices in Korea before I returned home to Malaysia and I brought Laziza Food’s Bombay Briyani spices.
Every single member of my family loved it! But…this is not sold in Malaysia. Bummer…but….in Madrid it is sold in my little Filipino shop – Cosmo Mart in hundreds!! Heaven…Gonna post some back for my father. Yeay!!
OMG…I totally swerved out of my main topic no? I am a classic case of Walter Mitty! ^___^
Ok then, writing off and gonna prepare for iftar now – bolognese spaghetti. I’m gonna try a recipe by Giada on FoodNetwork.com.
Check out Harira Soup recipe here.

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