Hans Alimentacion

Today..I’m gonna write about Hans Alimentacion. A Korean mini-market in the middle of Madrid.

I still wonder what alimentación means till this day…hmm. Google translate gave ‘feeding’ as result. ^O^ Okay..I get the gist. The word has something to do with food. Hehehe..

Why do I write about Korean food when I’m here in Madrid?!! I don’t know the reason for sure myself but a big part of me still misses Korea and Korean food. Arghh…정말 정말 그립다 한식을..

The reason why is because I want to eat ‘Tteokbokki’. I once said to my friend that I will not miss any Korean food in future except this special one. Tteokbokki!!

Hans Alimentacion1

Well..that craving brought my feet to Hans Alimentacion.

When I stepped into the shop, I said my greeting..Annyeonghaseyo and there were two ahjussis (older men) inside who were surprised at my speech.

My husband urged me to speak Korean with them and I did. The feeling…as if I have met my countrymen, as close as that hahaha. I was so giddy with excitement…반갑다

It is a small mini-market but sufficient to say that I could buy most of the ingredients to make Tteokbokki. The shop also sell Kimchi and the owner offered for 3.50 euros but I am not Korean so I definitely can survive without Kimchi here in Madrid…hehe

Look at what I bought!
Hans Alimentacion0
Hans Alimentacion3
You can substitute 물엿 (corn syrup)

with sugar or honey but I always prefer 물엿.

It was pricey but what the heck! I don’t care..I don’t buy these everyday.

This is the result. Tadaaaa!!

I followed the recipe from Maangchi.

How to go to Hans Alimentación?

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  1. Akak,dalam byk-byk Korean food, I miss tteokbokki the most too!! Dekat Korea saya selalu beli Jaws Tteokbokki lepas tu tambah telur rebus sendiri… Adoi~ kecur liur sekejap.


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