Costa Coffee Madrid

I have written about Costa Coffee when I visited United Kingdom at the end of 2014 and I seem not to have enough rants to rave about it yet. Well, I do not have any barista experience but as my favorite type of cup, it is cappuccino.

Costa Coffee Madrid

My taste bud always..always try to find the best cappuccino around the neighborhood. I love my cappuccino smooth but with a surprise strength of bitterness.

Recently, right before new year we stepped out a bit to the center of Madrid to enjoy the crowd. Well…actually, I want to visit Primark actually. Yes…a brand from Ireland but I have shopped a few times in the UK.

I love shopping at Primark because there are so many options of affordable clothes and most importantly, they have my size.

Well, Christmas was over so I thought that people will not shop crazily afterwards. However, that wasn’t the case!! So much crowd in Sol, Gran Via, Plaza Mayor, Callao, Fuencarral and other streets around them.

Why oh why?

Here in Spain, according to the tradition…Papa Noel (the name of Santa Claus in Spain) does not give presents during Christmas to children.

They will get theirs on another special day which is on the January 6th every year. Plus there will be a lot of REBAJAS the first week of January every year.
REBAJAS…sale! sale! sale! A very dangerous Spanish word to know. Hehehe…

Hence, the crowd and shockingly, we had to queue up a whole block to take our numbers to enter Primark. Yes, numbers! Seriously? We just had to shake our heads here and move on to none other than Costa Coffee cafe’.

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Initially, I did not recognize the cafe’ because of the construction going out just ahead of the building but I saw a signboard next to a small shop right in front of Cine Callao and my curiosity peaked.

Costa Coffee? Here, in Madrid? When? And why did I not see the cafe’ before when I had walked through these alley before?

When asked when Costa Coffee Madrid is opened? The barista said around February of 2015. Wait..that is almost a year!

I love the interior design of the cafe’, they have selections of cakes (tartas), biscuits and they also sell the Costa tumbler like the one I bought at Costa cafe’ of Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet.

Costa Coffee Madrid

My cappuccino priced at 2.70 euro per cup and my husband’s espresso at 1.70 euro per cup. We normally drink cafe’ con leche, the normal coffee at the local cafeteria around Madrid and the cheapest is around 1.20 euro per small glass.

Is Costa Coffee pricier? You bet. However, you cannot beat the ambient, FREE WiFi and of course the all around coziness of the cafe’ itself.

If you want to try a cuppa, head to this cafe’ which is situated at Calle Preciados, nº 27. You may take the metro to the nearest station either Callao or Sol.

Unfortunately, Costa Coffee is no longer operating in Madrid. 🙁 Please refer to this link for their latest locations.

Costa Coffee Madrid

Head over to their Facebook:

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