Breakfast in Granada


Lets talk about breakfast in Granada.

Typical Spanish breakfast in Spain

Breakfast in Granada is not much difference in Madrid or Cordoba where I had them before. It is either:

  • churros
  • porras
  • barra con aceite de oliva
  • barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro
  • the infamous morning drink – café con leche (café latte but in a small glass or a cup, normally we have them in a glass)
  • the occasional natural orange juice.

Spanish lesson 101…by now you should know that my Spanish is pretty bad, pardon me.

Churros– a type of fried finger food in Madrid and many other places in Spain, but some places called them as ‘Porras’.

Wikipedia explains more here.

Barra– a type of bread in Spain, kinda like baguette but bigger in size

Con – with

Aceite de oliva – aceite = oil, oliva = olive; olive oil

Y – and

Tomate puro – pure tomato

Café– coffee

Leche – milk
If you are those who love learning language, you can try Spanishpod101 and like myself, learn a bit a day. ^^


Where to have breakfast in Granada?


There are many spots to have breakfast in Granada but the one that we went was Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria at Plaza Romanilla and another of its franchise just next to Los Tilos Hotel where we stayed in Granada.

breakfast 2Bgranada1

As of 2020, the one at Plaza Romanilla was no longer there but the one next to Los Tilos Hotel is still there.

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Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria

We had all our breakfasts at about 10 or 11 am in the morning. Yeah..hahaha. Well it’s too early to eat at 9.00! We had breakfast at Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria on the first day and the third day at Plaza Romanilla but the second day we had at its franchise which is just below Los Tilos Hotel.
If you love crowds, go for the one under Los Tilos Hotel which is in the center of Plaza Bib Rambla. There are like three different terrazzos from three different café’s and you can choose any of them.



Our breakfast at Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria

Day 1 breakfast

breakfast 2Bgranada2
Day 1
Churros for 2 (normal portion)
One Cafe’ con leche
One cup of chocolate for the churros
6.00 euro (IVA included)
**IVA is what you called value added tax in Spain. More readings here.
We ate inside the cafe’.
FYI, (according to my husband’s knowledge) some cafe’ will charge extra maybe 40 or 50 cents more if you have your meal at the terrazzo (outside the cafe’). Why? Because this is Spanish culture. ^^

Day 2 breakfast

Churros for 1 (normal portion**)
Barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro
2 cups of cafe con leche
This time we ate at the terrazzo so our bill was 6.40 euro (IVA included)
**you can actually ask for half portion, it will be cheaper. It is stated in the menu anyway. So don’t be afraid to order half if you think the normal portion is too much for you. Normal portion has maybe 6-7 sticks of churros but half portion has maybe three. I saw a grandma ordered half. That’s why I know..hehe.
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Day 3 breakfast

breakfast 2Bgranada3
Check out what John Lennon said about life – la vida. So true!
I am too lazy to translate the whole thing ..hahha.
Write and Google Translate yourself!


Day 3
Barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro
2 cups of cafe con leche
2 glasses of zumo de naranja natural (natural orange juice)
** how to pronounce, Spanish alphabet? Zumo – sumo and naranja….hmm…go to Spanishpod101 and learn more..hehe.
We ate inside the cafe’ and our bill was 10.00 euro (IVA included) because the natural orange juice cost 2.50 euro each but it was super delicious! Nothing like any of the orange juices that I had tried before. I seriously recommend this orange juice. ^^
Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria’s employees are very pleasant and friendly. They keep explaining to me that in Granada porras is called churros too. All is the same. I just smiled to them when my husband told them that I don’t speak Spanish.
Hahaha…and their reactions were…oopppsss!! My husband told me that I looked like Moroccan so maybe they thought I speak Spanish. No way!! ^^

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