Christmas in London

Christmas in London

Christmas is just around the corner and when I looked into my list of draft posts, there was a post titled ‘Christmas in London’ just sitting around the dusty corner waiting for me to publish it. This Christmas in London post is my experience of celebrating Christmas at the end of 2014 at a friend …

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Warwick University Coventry

Warwick University – My Memory

I miss being near my friends who are studying in Warwick University of Coventry,United Kingdom. Sometimes…I even dream about them, the university, cooking and food..hahaha..it´s true. If someone asks me, what are the things that I miss the most there?….hmmm…so many to list out but first and foremost:   Friends My friends…one of them, who …

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Walking Around Oxford, UK

Walking around Oxford: Part 2

Continuing on my post from Walking around Oxford: Part 1… Top: The location of Robert Boyle´s house Bottom-Left: University Church of St Mary the Virgin Bottom-Right: This signboard is just right under University Church of St Mary the Virgin   From High Street, I took a right corner just next to University Church of St Mary the …

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