Lunch at El Ladrillo, Granada

We had lunch at El Ladrillo II twice! The first was after Friday prayer (15th August 2014) and we were quite famished! The prayer finished at about 3 pm and yeahh…we always have our lunch pretty late. I’m kinda get used to it now. After checking out all the other three restaurants, we were refused …

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Churros with chocolate

Breakfast in Granada

  Lets talk about breakfast in Granada. Typical Spanish breakfast in Spain Breakfast in Granada is not much difference in Madrid or Cordoba where I had them before. It is either: churros porras barra con aceite de oliva barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro the infamous morning drink – café con leche (café …

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Harira Soup for Iftar

It is already 19th Ramadan 1435H and it is entirely impossible for a Moroccan descent to break the fast without their traditional Moroccan soup; Harira. We haven’t had the chance to break the fast (Iftar) at any of the mosques yet because the nearest to our home is the Estrecho mosque but the Iftar is …

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