Cristo de La Luz Restaurant Review

I have been busy with study (taking Diploma in Islamic Studies) and on top of that I recently enrolled for Intensive Arabic 2-years Program on September. Both are offered by Islamic Online University.

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Well.. lets go back to the series of Toledo's posts that have taken the back seat while I worked hard at my study. Continuing from the previous post of Toledo Trip Part 5..

We had our lunch at Cristo de La Luz Restaurant at about one in the afternoon and the restaurant was just right across the Cristo de la Luz Mosque. I took the picture of the restaurant (above) when I was standing in front of the mosque's door. Walking distance is less than a minute! ^^

We visited Toledo during the weekend and initially thought that there is no  menú del día option. We love  menú del día for the price and for the quantity plus some restaurants also do not disappoint in quality.

Menú del día is an affordable 3-course meal (normally) which comes with free drink. Check the buzz  of menu del dia here as explained by MadridChow.

Hence, I checked the TripAdvisor before going to Toledo and came across Cristo de La Luz Restaurant. Many gave good reviews and especially on the service and attention of the owner. Yes, it did not disappoint us!

The owner serving another guests right behind us. He is simply amazing! Very friendly, helpful (he helped us to set the table so that we could sit under the shade instead of the blazing sun) and fast service which we love.

The moment we arrived at the restaurant, the owner came to me and asked,

"You must be Malaysian, right?"

OMG! He told me that there were so many Malaysian and Indonesian came to eat at his restaurant enough for him to distinguish us. Yeay! Well, that made my day. ^__^

I totally forgot to check out the interior since we love to enjoy our lunch outside under the date tree. What a relaxing vista!

The sisha and a pretty tiny table. A man with his gorgeous dog just left the table. The dog was super calm! I was not afraid of him at all. Heheh..

I guess by November they should be ripe and ready to eat. Wish I could see these ripened.

I don't want to exaggerate but these Falafel just blown me away. They were just perfect! I have tried so many falafel before but this one just packed with taste and not overpowering.

The inside is not dry at all. They were soft and the outside is crunchy. Enough to make me Googled the recipe right after we reached home, made the falafel from scratch but mine could not even come close.

This baked tomato and eggplant was definitely my most favorite one among the food served during our lunch. It wasn't enough! I could eat three or four plates of this. It was really delicious!

Both the falafel and baked tomato and eggplant were the first course.

Our second course were:

I chose lamb tagine. I thought it was delicious...well, because I love my tagine soupy but my husband, coming from North of Morocco himself and living with a mother who is the well-known cook of the village was totally irked by the presentation of the tagine.

Honestly, my husband made better tagine. Well, I really could not vouch for this tagine at all. Hehehe..But I thought that taste wise, it was good especially with the lamb falling off the bone when I ate them. Heaven!

The other plate is chicken couscous but I forgot to snap the picture. Hmm..the couscous was a bit dry. I knew because every Friday some Moroccan women will cook chicken couscous with raisin and loads of caramelized onion at the mosque near our neighborhood. Their couscous is simply out of this world! Masha Allah.

If you want to learn making Moroccan food, try this Youtube Channel by FatemahIsOkay. I found her recipes very easy to follow.

Me in front of Cristo de la Luz Restaurant. Our meal for two is 20 euros.

Check out this Spanish blog for the review of the restaurant too.

With this, only one post of Toledo is left for me to publish. Until next time..Hasta luego! Insha Allah.