2 days itinerary in Madrid

Min Young, my dear Korean friend came down from London to visit us for a short 2 days itinerary in Madrid on 5th (Friday) and 6th February (Saturday).

She flew with Ryan Air from Stansted Airport for about two hours from Madrid on early morning at 7.15 (London time). Definitely killing herself because she just finished work at one, returned home to pack her bags and then took the bus to Stansted. Basically no sleep except in the flight. Pity my friend.

Initially, she had me to do her itinerary but I said that it's better for her to tell me her interest and I will suggest the places accordingly.

Well, because it is just two days, her interest are:
1- Art museum
2- Spanish food

So, we finalized the places that she wanted to go:


Sol - She tried San Gines Churros, Iberico jamon
Real Palace - just took pictures
Mercado de San Miguel - took pictures and browse types of tapas available
Plaza Mayor
Reina Sofia Museum - between 7pm to 9pm for Picasso Guernica (free admission around this time)
Museo del Jamon


Prado Museum - she hired a Korean guide to explore the museum for 50,000 won for 2 hours and 14 euro for the admission and completes the whole tour from 11am to 2.30pm.
Sol - shopping for Spanish brand names - Zara and Real Madrid official items

We basically explored everything on foot because I don't have a car. Either way, she still has to walk and we use the metro or cercanias most of the time.

Madrid is just too beautiful to appreciate without walking and to compare it with Seoul (from my experience as a tour guide there), Madrid is not that big.

How to make your own itinerary?

Define your interest and then select the places to visit in Madrid. 2 days itinerary in Madrid for some will be enough but for some it is not. The best time to visit, IMO is in March or October since it is not so hot or cold.