I am now in London!

Alhamdulillah to Allah who has given me this opportunity to see one of His many creations and to reflect.

London! Forgive me for shouting out loud London again and again. The city really needs a few extra exclamations. Hehe..

Hmmm...I'm travelling solo. Alone. But never lonely. Quoting from one of my favorite bloggers' phrase - HartiniOmar. Alone but not lonely. ^^

I come here for various reasons and may Allah leads me to Him all the way. Amin.

I am still exhausted hauling my 20 kgs of luggage through
the London underground till here. I will make my word very
sparse. Hehe...
Manila Slums 25th September 2014. 0800-0900 hrs (Madrid time) on Al Jazeera.

I had visited, Manila in Makati area in 2010 with my Korean friend; Mi Hyeon. Love the place dearly. Watching this one hour documentary by Al Jazeera brought back the memory and made me realized how blessed I am.

I should be more grateful to Allah for giving me this ease in life, glorify Him at all times and appreciate his blessing on me by giving back more.

I am blessed with kind and supportive parents, family and now husband.

I am blessed with good education and many opportunities to go through my life. Looking back, there wasn't a single situation where I felt I was really poor or unable to achieve my desires. It did take me some time to achieve it but in the end I was able to. Alhamdulillah.

When I was 17 years old, I had a mock interview with my Chemistry teacher in high school for a scholarship application.

One of his questions and I still remember quite clearly until now was:

"What will happen if you don’t get the scholarship?"

My answer: I will be positive. By that I mean, I will always have a positive perspective in whatever result I will get.

He replied, “It’s impossible to be positive all the time and will positive help you?”

I said…Being positive is much much better than being or having negative thoughts.

Then, he gave me an alternative. I was applying for universities offering Computer Science program but many scholarships were offered for medical schools in the UK back then and I would have to apply for the second time (with slim chance of success) if my first application is rejected. So he advised me that I should just apply for medical school and then change my program after a year; listing the reason as unsuitable program for me.

I refused. Totally.

I will not accept such a cowardice act.

The scholarship should be given to those who really need it for the right purpose. I will use it for my education and not for the wrong reason. It took me 19 years to finally visit the UK.

Quoting myself “It did take me some time to achieve it but in the end I was able to. Alhamdulillah.”

Don’t you feel that everything is just so perfect? If I look again, again and again, I still feel that my life is so perfect because….Allah has created it for me. As He said in Surah Al Mulk; Chapter 67: Verse 3-4.

Hence, everything that Allah has given us was perfect, right from the very beginning and also whatever may come our path. It is just that human’s faculty is very limited as we are not able to forecast our future but we just work hard and pray so that Allah will give the best outcome for us.

Now, after many many years I think back at that specific moment. What if I did as my teacher said? I am glad I didn't. This is where my principal lies. Doing something according to my principal, right from the very beginning.

Allah leads me.


Now, how am I going to give back to my community? By writing my experience.

Doing something morally correct is definitely worthy.

Maybe not worthy in the eyes of humanity but to Allah.

But then, who is human to judge? A mere creation.

All perfection is only from Allah. Allahuakbar.
We had lunch at El Ladrillo II twice! The first was after Friday prayer (15th August 2014) and we were quite famished! The prayer finished at about 3 pm and yeahh…we always have our lunch pretty late. I’m kinda get used to it now.

After checking out all the other three restaurants, we were refused of our money saving Menu del Dia. My husband said there were so many people so the waiters probably did not have time to attend to people ordering menu del dia because it's cheap and not making many profit for them.

How cheap? You can get as cheap as 7 euro per person for Menu del Dia (not including IVA) for bread, appetizer and main meal. Unfortunately, you have to order a drink and water is not free.

Want to order your Menu del Dia? Read here first.

The bar area in El Ladrillo II. We waited here before getting our seats on the first floor.

We walked into many alleys and finally saw a decent restaurant. I was attracted by the interior and decided there and then to eat at El Ladrillo II!

Luck was on our side. The waitress said there was Menu del Dia. Mind you..we were there after 3pm! She was so kind.

But…the pretty patio! Arghh!! The place was full so we had to dine upstairs. We settled for a bit more privacy as only a table was occupied other than us.

I fell in love with the staircase and the warm first floor. ^^ Pity my husband. I love sun and warmth..hehe.

We ordered potato with onion and green pepper fried in olive oil and salad for appetizer (primer plato) and fried seafood for main meal (segundo plato). Bread is given once you made your order.

We had to order mineral water and in the case of El Ladrillo II; you have to order the big bottle or the carbonated water (agua con gas) for a small bottle (not sweet) but both are the same price.

The salad was just normal but this was my first time eating potato fried like this. Either we were too famished or the food was delicious; we were pretty unsure of that but we cleaned the plate!! Hehehe… I love the potato so much that I cooked it twice in Madrid.

In the restaurant, it cost 8 euro per plate but back home..less than 1 euro. ^^

The menu, the bread and the agua con gas (carbonated water).

The main meal in El Ladrillo II was heavenly….hmm…maybe because I have not eaten seafood for quite some time. About two months to be exact. I could only eat half of it. The serving was huge! The rest was into my husband’s stomach. ^^
In total = 20.80 euro

The serving was huge and I think 2 people should share a plate. ^^

The same happened on the third day (rejected of our menu del dia) but this time we went straight into El Ladrillo II because the time  was past 4 pm, I was super hungry and could eat a cow. I couldn’t wait!!

This time we got a seat at the pretty patio. Yeah!!

They also did not offer menu del dia so we just had to break our piggy bank for our last lunch in Granada.

 We ordered:
1- mixed salad
2- boquerones frita –  fried small white anchovies (delicious!!)
3- paella de mariscos – seafood paella
4- the compulsory drink - water 1.5 liter

The total was about 45 euros but it was worth every euro huhuhu... the paella was superb although my husband said Valencia's paella is much much better. I don’t know when I will go to Valencia but I know I had to eat paella then. ^^

Whatever!! Do not spoil my appreciation please...hahhahha *super hungry mode*

Want to cook your own paella at home? This might not be the original one from Valencia but the recipe is pretty simple to adopt. Valencian, don’t kill me! I just feel that it’s easier to cook this much for a trial. ^^

Ahhh... *sigh* a lovely place, my Albayzin. My only two grudges are..the pebble-paved road and the dog's ^^. So many dog shit...a statistic says that there are about 4.8 million dogs against 40 million people living in Spain. Not a shocker there.

I have nothing against dogs as I love pets myself but can you (the dog's owner) just please clean *them* up after your dog did the business...I want a clean and pretty Albayzin.

All my pictures of Granada are nice and glossy but I refuse to take the picture of 'mierda'. Okay...I learned this word from the Spanish sitcom Aida. ^^ My real Spanish learning curve..haha. It's a pretty old sitcom but it has helped me a lot.

Well, as I have written before on my post of Granada mosque, you must have decent shoes suitable for pebble-paved road if you want to explore Albayzin on foot.

High heel is a big no no. I saw a girl walking up the hill with a flimsy sandal, I bet her heel will explode once she went down the hill.

Anyway, a bit of the historical side of Albayzin shall we?

"El Albayzín (also Albaicín or El Albaicín) is a district of present day Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain, that retains the narrow winding streets of its Medieval Moorish past. It was declared aworld heritage site in 1984, along with the more famous Alhambra.

It rises on a hill facing the Alhambra and many tourists journey into the Albayzin primarily for the spectactular views of the Alhambra from the viewing point by the church of San Nicolas." from Wikipedia

You gonna have magnificent view of Albayzin if you enter the Nasrid Palace in Alhambra. Read my post on Alhambra here.

Our Day 1
Hiking Albayzin was my introductory tour of Albayzin hehehe... Our main goal was for Friday Prayer. Albayzin is pretty fascinating with many white houses and small alleys going up the peak. We could see Alhambra from almost any spot in Albayzin.

Our Day 2
We hiked up to catch Alhambra at dusk around Mirador de San Nicolas. Magnificent and breathtaking!

Our Day 3
We hiked up to check out the Sacramento area and took in the pretty sight of Alhambra from another viewipoint = mirador.

Firstly, make sure you get the Albayzin map from the tourist information kiosk or your hotel. Los Tilos Hotel's employee provided one for us right when we arrived on Day 1 itself.

What I love about the map is that there are many coupons that you can use for discounts. We did use the coupon for a lunch buffet at Fresh Co restaurant - a satisfying HALAL lunch buffet.

We would love to watch the flamenco dance using the discount coupon too but three days were not enough for us! Can you believe it? Heheh..we just love exploring Granada..on foot that is. ^^

The pictures below are from the Day 1 of hiking Albayzin. Enjoy!

After my beauty sleep, we headed to Albayzin for some serious exercises. Kidding! Hahaha...You can take the C1 bus from Plaza Nueva to Albayzin for 1.20 euro one way ride but if you have the travel card like Credibus or Bono; it is 0.79 euro per ride (as of writing).

The building above is around Plaza Nueva and just right after passing that building we found the stream below and was greeted with a breathtaking view of Alhambra as in the picture below.

Initially, I wonder why my husband did not want to ride the bus up to Albayzin? We have bought the BONO transport card though and I know...yessssss I did my research before coming ^^...that Albayzin topography is not flat...why oh why my husband? T_T

The city Center of Granada is relatively not so hilly but Albayzin reminds me of Seoul's topography albeit much harder.

Why? Because of this road is paved with small stones to massage my already sore feet. But I am glad because of my years walking up the hills in Korea has prepared me for this. Me was near Mirador San Nicolas above and my husband in front of his favorite door? Okay..not my favorite though..hehe.

Grapes! What a lovely view and pretty heavenly to just grab some grapes from your own gate..you know. I would love some of those!

A pretty window after we went down the hill and my husband was faking a tired pose. Hahaha...Here there are a few restaurants but none of them serve Menu del dia. T_T

My super sun-burned skin and a pretty courtyard of a restaurant and a house.

Not gonna walk up the staircase..no..no..no!

 We found this pretty neat bicycle! But I am afraid to ride one, I might fall down on my face! ^^

Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria at Plaza Romanilla.

Breakfast in Granada is not much difference in Madrid or Cordoba where I had them before. It is either churros or porras, barra con aceite de oliva, barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro and the infamous morning drink – café con leche (café latte but in a small glass or a cup, normally we have them in a glass) or the occasional natural orange juice.

Spanish lesson 101…by now you should know that my Spanish is pretty bad, but you have to understand at least what the heck I said above right? ^^

Churros– a type of fried finger food in Madrid and many other places in Spain, but some places called them as ‘Porras’. Wikipedia explains more here.

Barra– a type of bread in Spain, kinda like baguette but bigger in size

Con - with

Aceite de oliva – aceite = oil, oliva = olive; olive oil

Y - and

Tomate puro – pure tomato

Café- coffee

Leche - milk

If you are those who love learning language, you can try Spanishpod101 and like myself, learn a bit a day. ^^

Back to the main topic shall we? 

We had all our breakfasts at about 10 or 11 am in the morning. Yeah..hahaha. Well it's too early to eat at 9.00! All of them (our breakfasts) was at Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria; the first and the third at the same café in Plaza Romanilla but the second was at another franchise which is just below Los Tilos Hotel.

If you love crowds, go for the one under Los Tilos Hotel which is in the center of Plaza Bib Rambla. There are like three different terrazzos from three different café’s and you can choose any of them.

Our Day 1 at Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria, Plaza Romanilla.

Day 1
Churros for 2 (normal portion)
One Cafe' con leche
One cup of chocolate for the churros

6.00 euro (IVA included)
**IVA is what you called value added tax in Spain. More readings here.

We ate inside the cafe'.
FYI, (according to my husband’s knowledge) some cafe' will charge extra maybe 40 or 50 cents more if you have your meal at the terrazzo (outside the cafe'). Why? Because this is Spanish culture. ^^

Our Day 3 at Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria, Plaza Romanilla.
Check out what John Lennon said about life - la vida. So true!
I am too lazy to translate the whole thing ..hahha.
Write and Google Translate yourself!

Day 2
Churros for 1 (normal portion**)
Barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro
2 cups of cafe con leche
This time we ate at the terrazzo so our bill was 6.40 euro (IVA included)

**you can actually ask for half portion, cheaper. It is stated in the menu anyway. So don't be afraid to order half if you think the normal portion is too much for you. Normal portion has maybe 6-7 sticks of churros but half portion has maybe three. I saw a grandma ordered half. That's why I know..hehe.

Day 3
Barra con aceite de oliva y tomate puro
2 cups of cafe con leche
2 glasses of zumo de naranja natural (natural orange juice)

** how to pronounce, Spanish alphabet? Zumo – sumo and naranja….hmm…go to Spanishpod101 and learn more..hehe.

We ate inside the cafe' and our bill was 10.00 euro (IVA included) because the natural orange juice cost 2.50 euro each but it was super delicious! Nothing like any of the orange juices that I had tried before. I seriously recommend this orange juice. ^^

Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria’s employees are very pleasant and friendly. They keep explaining to me that in Granada porras is called churros too. All is the same. I just smiled to them when my husband told them that I don't speak Spanish.

Hahaha...and their reactions were...oopppsss!! My husband told me that I looked like Moroccan so maybe they thought I speak Spanish. No way!! ^^

How to go to Alhambra Churreria Chocolateria?

From Plaza Bib Rambla to Plaza Romanilla

Our trip to Alhambra was on the 16th of August, 2014 (Saturday). Weather was...clear and hot! ^^
First and foremost, book your ticket to Alhambra online! Get it at TicketMaster.

It is a must!! You don't want to be disappointed when you reach the ticket counter at Alhambra and be told that the time or the ticket was SOLD OUT!

There is a fee for purchasing online but you are assured of getting a ticket. They get some and you get some! Win-Win. As of writing, the admission per adult is 14 euro and the processing fee for online is 1.40 euro.

REMINDER: When you buy the ticket online, you will be scheduled with an entrance time to Nasrid Palace (Palazios Nazaries) You will not have any option but to follow the time printed for you. Abide by this time or you will regret it! Nasrid Palace is the most worthy place to explore in Alhambra. Trust me! ^^

From the Granada city center, take the C3 bus at Plaza Isabel. Not too sure of the frequency but our entrance to Alhambra was at 2 p.m. and we took the bus at around 12 noon. I guess it was only about 10~15 minutes drive. I might be wrong but it was really a short journey up to the hill.

The bus is small and not many seats inside. When we saw a full bus in front, we just waited for the next empty bus. ^^ We had a lot of time in our hands.

Initially, my husband proposed to walk up to Alhambra. No way Jose! I had hiked up the Albayzin yesterday and you want me to die today?? Lol! I was totally against the idea but I sweetly told him maybe we can walk down the hill after exploring Alhambra. His reply - InsyaAllah. We will wait and see.

Hmmm...I wonder.

Right after getting out at Alhambra bus stop, I saw a long queue outside but my gut told me that it was not the correct queue as we already purchased the tickets online . So, I waited at the queue and asked my husband to check with the ticket officer.

I was right! If you have the online tickets (make sure you print or just show the confirmation email to the officer) just walk straight to the ticket counter. They have two lines for ticket purchase. Online reservation or normal ticket purchase.

We had about one hour to spare before entering Alhambra, so my husband whisked me to an olive farm slightly uphill of Alhambra. You can read the post here.

It was about 1.50 p.m. and the officer told us to enter earlier because it would take about 15 minutes from Alhambra's entrance to Nasrid Palace and our ticket stated that Nasrid Palace entrance was at 2.00 p.m. We better hurry up!!

By the time we reached the queue for Nasrid Palace, it was already 2.10 p.m. Why? Because we stopped to take pictures of course!! ^^

Inside Mexuar Hall - where you can see Wa la ghaliba Illallah
Nasrid Palace...I was awed by the awesomeness of you!! Plenty of times I almost cried because of the beauty and the inscriptions glorifying Allah on the palace. Finally, I cried twice when I saw this phrase - There is no victor but Allah.

My tiny point and shoot camera does not do justice for this magnificent piece of art. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

A hammam (Turkish Bath) in Alhambra, not in Nasrid Palace.

Read about Alhambra here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alhambra
An apple a day keeps the doctor away..not quite right. Hehehe...we need more than just an apple.

A post a day...keeps my brain sane.

I have been updating this blog with almost one post a day at a breakneck-speed just until our WiFi gave out on me! Hah!! Dear WiFi, are you jealous of me?!! Gimme a break please.. *stomped my feet*

Anyway...because that by the end of September, I won't be having the liberty to peek into this blog. What does that mean? It might mean that any possibility of getting in touch with internet within the next month or two would deem next to impossible.

Till then, hang on to your curiosity, Felicity.....

Gonna keep posting...keep posting.

I have always dreamed to go to an olive farm. Around this time, my wish is finally granted and I got to see an olive farm near Alhambra in Granada.

Do you know that Spain is the number one olive oil producer in the world? Check out the statistic here. Between the year 200-2009, Spain has produced 41.2% and Italy is trailing behind Spain with 20.2%. In 2014? Maybe the figures changed by now.

I didn't know this until I live in Spain. ^^ All those time I have believed that Italy is the number one or at least because every time I browse through the olive oil bottles' ingredients back in Malaysia; it stated - Made in Italy.

However, I failed to notice or maybe there is no actual information saying something like the origin of the olive itself on the bottle.

The Spanish also consume more olive oil than the Italians. Ridiculous!...I am living in THE olive country but its neighbor is much more famous in the world than her. Well, the pasta and Jamie Oliver made Italy more famous I guess? Hehehe..

Anyway, back in October 2013 we visited Cordoba for our honeymoon. I love Cordoba! While in the bus from Cordoba to Madrid, I took a video of the olive farms along the highway. What a pretty sight! Olive, olive and olive! I told my husband that I wish I could work in an olive farm at least for a day.

Hahhaha...My silly idea was due to Wwoof influence back in 2009.

And now...only now, my wish is granted! Alhamdulillah...although just a very short visit and not even doing the actual farming. ^^

We had about one hour before entering the Alhambra on Saturday, 16th of August 2014. Then, my husband said that he had a surprise for me! I was pretty excited cause you know...I was expecting one. Hahaha...Women!

Hiking and hiking...*sigh*

But then...we had to hike further up for about ten minutes. Can't I just get the surprise

without actually laboring myself to get it?! Men! Hahaha...No pain no gain eh?

The surprise was worth the hiking. Thank you my husband! I got to see an olive farm!! Alhamdulillah. Here goes the pictures...

Tada!! Our secret olive farm...hehe. No one was around and we thought so but then we found a man; seemed like another tourist, was smoking at a patio nearby probably waiting to enter the Alhambra just like us.

The patio.
The excited me holding the precious olive. Alhamdulillah!

What made me excited was that olive is stated many times in the Quran, for example in Surah At-Tin, chapter 95: verse 1 and in Surah An-Nur, chapter 24: verse 35 as in below.

Yessss....if you look closely, olive oil seems like gold and would almost glow like light!

There is also a viewpoint or mirador here in the farm and you can see the city of Granada and some parts of the Alhambra.

My olive farm! Miahahhaha..*evil laugh* Oh...dream on Zarina! ^^

Interested to do Olive farm tour in Granada? Check out http://www.oliveoiltour.com/ and the reviews by TripAdvisor here.
Our first day in Granada was on Friday, the 15th of August 2014.

We purposely booked a weekend getaway from Madrid to coincide with Friday prayer time...so we could have a chance to pray at Mezquita de Granada (in Spanish) or Granada Mosque. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our wish.

As usual, we need some research done here. ^^
The Granada Mosque is situated in Albayzin area. I love this place, I really do and will definitely (InsyaAllah) at least write two posts on this awesome area.

The importance of good shoes in Albayzin...see those rocks? Killing my feet too many times....*sigh*

But...get yourself physically fit - if you plan to walk UPHILL. Yes..Albayzin is awesome but the journey is gonna cause some serious damage to your feet and legs if you don't wear the proper shoes.
Another option is to hire the Granada City Tour bus service for 8 euro per day. Both ways work fine. However, we ditched the bus plan and eventually walked uphill all the three days we were in Granada. Awesome!!

This post gonna be long as I will divide it into three parts according to the days when we went to the mosque:

DAY 1 (FRIDAY) 15th August 2014
Well... after checking in into Los Tilos Hotel, after getting a few hours nap and nice shower, it is time to walk those legs baby! ^^

We followed the route from:
  1. Calle Reyes Catolicos
  2. Plaza Nueva
  3. go along the route of the river
Phew..1.8 km...shed some kilos there!

As we walked along Plaza Nueva, there are so many restaurants and some HALAL restaurants like Kabab King and Shawarma King are also along Calle Reyes Catolicos.

At this point on, I just wanna stress here that for Albayzin area, you should have Google Maps app. This will help you a lot!

The day was pretty hot and the sun was shining brightly right on top of our heads on DAY 1 as we headed for Friday prayer. I updated my Muslim Pro application in my handphone for Granada Area and the Adzan was played at about 2.20 p.m.

We hadn't had our lunch yet but surprisingly I didn't feel hungry just thirsty. Well..I normally eat my lunch between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Madrid anyway. This is my meal time strictly ONLY when I live in Madrid.

Well, we passed by this lovely river with a drop dead gorgeous vista right at the back of me there. Alhambra!! Right after that picture above we were heading for some serious hiking. Yeah!! I was panting by this time..hahah..

By the time we reached Granada mosque, the imam was halfway through the 'khutbah' (sermon). I went straight to the women prayer hall. There were two doors.

The women prayer hall has a separate door behind the building and the men go through the main entrance. I headed down to the ablution room at the basement, waited for the sermon to finish and prayed.

First - My husband and a Spanish Muslim. We bought his work of art - Allah's inscription on white plaster.
Second - The opening time of the mosque. If the main gate is not opened, just use the small door at the main gate.
Third - The minaret of Granada Mosque. The entrance for women is from here (walk to the small alley, to your right from a teteria just next to the main entrance of the mosque.

DAY 2 (SATURDAY) 16th of August 2014
We walked uphill from another route to the mosque for Maghrib and Isya' prayer. There are many Moroccan or Arabs selling souvenirs along this route. Arrayanes restaurant is also located around this area - Cuesta Marañas.

There were so many people around San Nicolas Mirador to check out Alhambra at dusk. However, we had our better view sin the crowds at...guess what? The Granada Mosque!! Shhh...don't tell anyone please! ^^

The picture I took of Alhambra at dusk. I just wish that I have a DSLR camera. *sigh*
My husband stood on the ground of San Nicolas Mirador and behind him is the Granada Mosque.

DAY 3 (SUNDAY) 17th of August 2014

Granada Mosque from the women prayer hall.

Among all the three days that we came here for prayers, I think the last day was a great day and the best of them all. A gift from Allah to me.


While waiting for Zuhr prayer, I met a French Muslimah from Marseilles. She has stayed in Morocco for 4 months back in 2010 and after receiving the hidayah from Allah, she converted to Islam. Allahuakbar.

It is now her fourth year being a Muslimah. Alhamdulillah..ya Allah, I don't deserve this gift but time and again You bring me closer to You. She was curious how I could be a Malaysian, married to a Moroccan and live in Spain?

I told her the truth.

Allah brought me and my husband together because of His deen, Islam. Alhamdulillah. She said MasyaAllah again and again and again. She could speak Arabic (which just motivates me more) and covered herself so well such that she could just pray with the clothes that she has on (another point that I'm trying to adapt myself with).

Insha Allah, one day.

The French Muslimah was travelling with a girl friend for 10 days covering The Andalucia - Cordoba, Granada and Seville. Unfortunately, I did not get her name, her contact details or taken a picture with her.

I didn't regret it. As Allah gave me this gift to meet her, insyaAllah by His grace and blessing maybe one day we will meet again in Marseille. Only Allah knows.
This picture of Granada Cathedral was taken at around 8.00 am on 15th of August 2014. Very bright sky and hot summer in Granada. It reached 37 degree Celsius in the afternoon and walking outside in that weather almost toasted us. ^^
Since we could only checked in at 10.30 a.m. into Los Tilos Hotel (on our first day in Granada and check my review of the hotel here), we wandered around quite a bit around the area.

The first spot was Granada Cathedral. It is really HUGE!! *sayup mata memandang...I just had had to say this in Malay language to show how tall this cathedral is...hehehe..*

Human : building ratio...hehe.

The exact same spot of Granada Cathedral was actually the spot of Granada Mosque - 'Foundations for the church were laid by the architect Egas starting from 1518 to 1523 atop the site of the city's main mosque' Wikipedia and 'Granada Cathedral was built by Queen Isabella immediately after the conquest of Granada on the site of the Mosque. This cathedral is a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance style' quoted from here.

This area is just right in front of where I stood in the picture above. It was about 9 a.m. but not a single soul to be seen except us. So...breakfast normally starts at 10 a.m. for us at least, here.

It was about 9 a.m. at the time we arrived hence the door to the cathedral was still closed. Our hotel is very very close to the cathedral that we just could not avoid it to go to any other areas in our plan. We just had to pass by the cathedral. That is how near it is to our hotel. 1 minute walking...I swear. ^^

Anyway, on Sunday, we decided not to have our breakfast at Plaza Bib-Rambla so we explored another small alley for a different view and passed by the Cathedral.
People sell infused tea along the alley behind the cathedral. We bought some to bring home at another shop around this area.

I am not sure about the visiting hour to Granada Cathedral though but we went in on Sunday at about 11 a.m. and I guess maybe it was after the morning mass.

I told Mr H that I wanted to check out Granada Cathedral's interior.and there were many people queuing up to enter the cathedral. We just went in with the crowd.

We entered the Cathedral and there was no entrance fee but picture or video taking of the interior were strictly prohibited.

The day before visiting the cathedral, we visited Alhambra which was on Saturday, Hmmm...after seeing the awesomeness of Alhambra, the cathedral just couldn't come close (this is my IMHO so you're entitled on your own).

I had seen a few cathedrals and many aesthetically pleasing buildings in my life but after seeing Alhambra, all of them fell inferior to the superiority and intricate work of arts of Alhambra.

The Alhambra gave out that majestic feeling and absolute submission to your and my creator. How could I deny that feeling and not cried when I entered it?

Ahah!! That reminds me of Noonas Over Flowers (a Korean variety show) when they visited the two mosques in Turkey; Hagia Sophia (which was initially a church turned mosque turned museum now) and the Blue Mosque (which is currently being used for prayers).

One of the actresses in Kkot boda noona; Yoon Yeo Jeong cried when she entered the Blue mosque as she saw the Blue Mosque's architecture, interior design and people prostrating to the Only God (in episode 2, I think) but she did not cry when she entered Hagia Sophia. Perhaps, her soul remembers her Creator as in chapter 13: Ar-Ra'd, verse 28.

Well....yet again I swerved out of my main topic. Stellar! I am not gonna be able to be a novelist ever!! ^^