Summer flower

These pictures of summer flower in Spain was taken around early august in Madrid. There are a few and will try to update this post as and when I found more and more of them. Insha Allah.

One of the unlisted seven wonders of the world is when you were stopped by a bunch of gorgeous flowers by the roadside and you unabashedly took a selca picture.

A dear friend told me that it was a good ol' sign of aging. Hahahha...I believe it is true. Getting older makes me want to enjoy every second more.

Not so much thinking on the stress of the daily routine and work in general but more towards refining my inner strength and perception of this world.

So, when I came across a magnificent vista, a cute kid, a tame animal, a gentle grandmother...anything..I prayed to God that I am grateful for all His blessing on me. Alhamdulillah.

 Anyone knows the name of this flower? It grows a lot and bloomed prettily practically almost everywhere I go around Madrid. Only in summer I guess.