Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid

When I blogged about Madrid Central Mosque back in January 2013, I had some confusion where I thought there is only one mosque in Madrid. The picture above is Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid cum a mosque.

Not until I have arrived in Madrid that I know there are actually two different mosques!
One is Abu Bakar Mosque (Madrid Central Mosque) which is near Estrecho Metro Station, Line 1.
Another one is Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid near Barrio de la Concepcion Metro Station, Line 7.

Me and my husband frequent Abu Bakar Mosque for Friday prayer instead of Islamic Cultural Center because of the distance from our house.

The view at night was awesome.
So far, I have been to Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid twice.
It is obviously bigger from the one near Estrecho and the facilities are better. The area also has a decent parking lot plus a tiny park where some of the Muslims sell food and stuff after Friday prayer.
I was hoping to meet at least another Malaysian woman or Indonesian but I didn't. Hehe...I just feel like speaking Malay sometimes. Arghh!! Hehe..
Most of the attendees of the mosque are Arabs from many regions. Mostly from Morocco, Algeria and Syria. The khutbah was given in Arabic language too so I just quietly listened with little to no comprehension. Hehe..
Here, I met a few of my husband's friends too.
Funny...the first question that they asked me.
"Do you speak Arabic?" I said no.
"Then, how can you understand Al-Quran and your prayer?" Bummer...hehe. I read the translation in English.

I tried eating Moroccan sour milk called Laban and the seller put some wheat or oatmeal like that. Kinda sour... Yup, it was sour and served cold. Because I was hungry, I devoured most of it. ^^
Maybe someday I will go here again. The Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid seems to have many programs prepared and I might just participate.
How to go to Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid?

Take the Metro of Line 7 and stop at Barrio de la ConcepciĆ³n Station. Go out from the exit to Martinez Villergas.

Check the map as in the picture. Walking distance from the station is about 600m and based on my walking experience, 10 minutes for leisure walk like myself hehe.


  1. As salamm Zarina, I am Yatie from Shah Alam. My friends and i, insyaAllah ber-6 atau ber-8 where 3 or 4 adalah muslim akan ke Spain & Portugal on 9 - 21 March 2020. Kami ber-6 dah beli tiket, tertinggal 2 orang yang masih contemplating.

    Saya nak bertanya secara ikhlas kepada Zarina jika Zarina sudi membantu kami. Rancangannya begini:- pada 13 March 2020 which falls on a friday, kami yang muslim ini merancang nak ke the Madrid Islamic Center - maybe sebelah petang atau at least dapatlah solat berjemaah di sana. Saya nak tanya secara ikhlas dengan Zarina if you could bantu kami sebab ini adalah kali pertama kami ke Spain. Kami semua adalah rakan-rakan sejak zaman primary school, sejak berusia 7 tahun dan pada tahun 2020 ini kami berusia 55 tahun. Acara solat berjemaah di masjid ini adalah acara kami jika pergi melancung bersama rakan-rakan. We did the same in Krabi 2 years back & last year in Paris.

    Now back to minta pertolongan Zarina. Wondering if it is too much to ask or if it is a lot of hassle if you help to pick us up from Espahotel near Plaza Espana and drive us to the Islamic Center, we spend sometime there, we go for dinner together & you help send us to our hotel safe & sound. Please quote me a cost for this. Please do not get offended with my request. It is a genuine request from a group of mussafir. Kalau Zarina tidak merasa selesa dengan permintaan ini, perhaps you could purpose to me, siapa yang boleh kami approach untuk memastikan kami mendapat laluan yang mudah untuk tujuan ke Islamic Center Madrid ini. Thanks so much Zarina for reading my message.

    1. Assalamualaikum Kak Yatie,

      Maafkan saya sangat2 sebab saya memang dah lama sangat tak tengok bahagian komen atas masalah teknikal blog tak bagi notification untuk komen.

      Apa pun, tarikh 13 March 2020 tu terlalu jauh untuk saya confirmkan. Saya ada plan untuk pulang visit family kat Malaysia sekitar tarikh tu jugak jadi boleh tak akak PM saya dalam Feb 2020 supaya saya blh cfm skali lagi.

      Terima kasih