Buen Retiro Park

One of the many gates to enter Buen Retiro Park.

We actually walked from Atocha Station until this gate. Phew...I'm exhausted. Madrid has many beautiful parks or gardens and Buen Retiro Park is one of them. Okay..parque or jardin is in Spanish and means park as in English. Hehe..I just learned these words in my class recently so I am proud to tell you. Hehe..

Parque and jardin are actually categorized as masculine words. Yeah...like you can guess the gender of your garden right? ^^ el parque or el jardin.

The park is pretty huge. All the 1.4 km2 (350 acres) of it! Anyway, I was kinda excited when my husband said he would bring me to one of the most beautiful garden in central Madrid - Buen Retiro Park.
Even just saying the name of the park sparked the excitement in me! What a sexy name for a park..*sigh*. Buen Retiro Park means "Park of the Pleasant Retreat" - source: Wikipedia

I  love autumn's sky.
The park initially belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, when it became a public park so everyone; including me and my husband can enjoy its' beauty.
Well...since Spain has Mediterranean climate, the autumn and changes of colors on the trees are not so obvious. The temperature is pretty mild...as now is autumn in about minimum of 8 to maximum of 20 degree Celsius. Just the way I like...cool.

This is an artificial lake where the Monument to King Alfonso XII is erected.
We had our cafe' con leche (milk coffee) near the lake as in the picture. Kinda pricey about 2.50 euros for a small glass.
Then we head off to check out the Crystal Palace. It was designed by architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, a glass pavilion inspired by The Crystal Palace in London, undoubtedly the gardens' most extraordinary building.
So so pretty!
How to go to Buen Retiro Park?
From Atocha Cercanias Station, Line 1 ** This was the route that I took because the station is the nearest to my house, only one station ^^.

From Retiro Metro Station, Line 2 (the nearest to the park)