One of the many gates to enter Buen Retiro Park.

We actually walked from Atocha Station until this gate. Phew...I'm exhausted. Madrid has many beautiful parks or gardens and Buen Retiro Park is one of them. Okay..parque or jardin is in Spanish and means park as in English. Hehe..I just learned these words in my class recently so I am proud to tell you. Hehe..

Parque and jardin are actually categorized as masculine words. you can guess the gender of your garden right? ^^ el parque or el jardin.

The park is pretty huge. All the 1.4 km2 (350 acres) of it! Anyway, I was kinda excited when my husband said he would bring me to one of the most beautiful garden in central Madrid - Buen Retiro Park.
Even just saying the name of the park sparked the excitement in me! What a sexy name for a park..*sigh*. Buen Retiro Park means "Park of the Pleasant Retreat" - source: Wikipedia

I  love autumn's sky.
The park initially belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, when it became a public park so everyone; including me and my husband can enjoy its' beauty.
Well...since Spain has Mediterranean climate, the autumn and changes of colors on the trees are not so obvious. The temperature is pretty now is autumn in about minimum of 8 to maximum of 20 degree Celsius. Just the way I

This is an artificial lake where the Monument to King Alfonso XII is erected.
We had our cafe' con leche (milk coffee) near the lake as in the picture. Kinda pricey about 2.50 euros for a small glass.
Then we head off to check out the Crystal Palace. It was designed by architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, a glass pavilion inspired by The Crystal Palace in London, undoubtedly the gardens' most extraordinary building.
So so pretty!
How to go to Buen Retiro Park?
From Atocha Cercanias Station, Line 1 ** This was the route that I took because the station is the nearest to my house, only one station ^^.

From Retiro Metro Station, Line 2 (the nearest to the park)

I admit I am the worst cook ever! So...I am very very grateful to have a man who can cook at least better than me. Hehehe..well, we must be grateful for all little things in life right? Alhamdulillah.
After we got back from praying Maghrib and Isya' at Abu Bakar Mosque near Estrecho Metro Station, I told my husband that I had no energy left to even open the door.
So....he said the golden sentence "It's okay...I will cook tonight"
Oh yeah!! you must think like Nasi Goreng Pattaya kinda omelette or the Japanese Omurice omelette, right? I thought so too. Ack!! I was wrong..big time!
Apparently, Tortilla de Patatas or Spanish Omelette uses loads and loads of potatoes.
The Tortilla Española, referred to in the English language as Tortilla, Spanish Omelette, is a typical Spanish dish consisting of a thick egg omelette made with potatoes and fried in olive oil. - Source: Wikipedia.
**Honestly, you must use your jurisdiction here.
4 medium sized potatoes - diced
1 big yellow onion - juliened
1 capcicum (red preferably) - juliened
5 button mushrooms - juliened
4 medium sized eggs
1 can of tuna
pinches of salt
pinches of black pepper
olive oil to fry
** How to julienne the ingredients? Look here.
Method of cooking

1. Mix the potatoes, onion, capsicum and mushroom and fry them until 3/4 cooked.

2. Put the fried ingredients into one bowl and add in the tuna.

3. Beat the eggs, add in the salt and the black pepper.
4. Mix the fried ingredients and the beaten eggs.

5. Heat the pan and put in olive oil just enough to fry.
6. Fry until golden brown.
Note1: I had eaten the Tortilla de Patatas right after it was fried. Like 30 minutes after it was fried. It tasted yummy. Or maybe because we had our dinner at 23:30 hours Madrid time so anything gives? O-O hehe...don't talk about dieting please. Nunca! hehe.. Anyway, the thing is the omelette was too big, so we just ate half of it.
The other half was saved for breakfast. But I was pretty surprised that the omelette tasted yummier in the morning when served in room temperature...of 18 degree celcius? Yes, the omelette was cold but yummy but cold but yummy! Yummy wins!

Note2: As in every family has their own personal touch in the national recipe, it is the same such as in Malaysia for example Nasi Lemak. You might find the Tortilla sold in the cafeteria might taste different from the recipe posted above. As usual it's up to our own palate. Cheers!

When I blogged about Madrid Central Mosque back in January 2013, I had some confusion where I thought there is only one mosque in Madrid. The picture above is Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid cum a mosque.

Not until I have arrived in Madrid that I know there are actually two different mosques!
One is Abu Bakar Mosque (Madrid Central Mosque) which is near Estrecho Metro Station, Line 1.
Another one is Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid near Barrio de la Concepcion Metro Station, Line 7.

Me and my husband frequent Abu Bakar Mosque for Friday prayer instead of Islamic Cultural Center because of the distance from our house.

The view at night was awesome.
So far, I have been to Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid twice.
It is obviously bigger from the one near Estrecho and the facilities are better. The area also has a decent parking lot plus a tiny park where some of the Muslims sell food and stuff after Friday prayer.
I was hoping to meet at least another Malaysian woman or Indonesian but I didn't. Hehe...I just feel like speaking Malay sometimes. Arghh!! Hehe..
Most of the attendees of the mosque are Arabs from many regions. Mostly from Morocco, Algeria and Syria. The khutbah was given in Arabic language too so I just quietly listened with little to no comprehension. Hehe..
Here, I met a few of my husband's friends too.
Funny...the first question that they asked me.
"Do you speak Arabic?" I said no.
"Then, how can you understand Al-Quran and your prayer?" Bummer...hehe. I read the translation in English.

I tried eating Moroccan sour milk called Laban and the seller put some wheat or oatmeal like that. Kinda sour... Yup, it was sour and served cold. Because I was hungry, I devoured most of it. ^^
Maybe someday I will go here again. The Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid seems to have many programs prepared and I might just participate.
How to go to Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid?

Take the Metro of Line 7 and stop at Barrio de la Concepción Station. Go out from the exit to Martinez Villergas.

Check the map as in the picture. Walking distance from the station is about 600m and based on my walking experience, 10 minutes for leisure walk like myself hehe.

Por favor, no pintar ^^

The teacher came late. Roughly after 10 minutes. My class is every Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and 2 hours is pretty long if you only understand less than half of what being discussed in the class. T__T

Tonight we continued from the page 19 of Nivel Elemental Español 2000.

We started off with changing the sentence from singular to plural form. I managed, somehow..pheww. After that, the teacher asked us to repeat the numbers in Spanish.

Uno, dos, tres....and etc. Since everyone has to repeat from number one to 50 and we have about 11 attendees today so I daydreamed a bit.

It went like this..four, tres, two, uno......lalalala...the Fergie of Black Eyed Peas's song 'Fergalicious' kept repeating in my mind.

Let's get serious.I will list down the numbers here and read ONLY if and only if you are interested.
1- uno
2- dos
3- tres
4- cuatro
5- cinco
6- seis
7- siete
8- ocho
9- nueve
10- diez
11- once
12- doce
13- trece
14- catorce
15- quince
16- dieciseis
17- diecisiete
18- dieciocho
19- diecinueve
20- veinte
21- veintiuno
22- veintidos
23- veintitres
24- veinticuatro
25- veinticinco
26- veintiseis
27- veintisiete
28- veintiocho
29- veintinueve
30- treinta
31- treinta y uno
32- treinta y dos
33- treinta y tres
34- treinta y cuatro
35- treinta y cinco
36- treinta y seis
37- treinta y siete
38- treinta y ocho
39- treinta y nueve
40- cuarenta
41- cuarenta y uno
42- cuarenta y dos
43- cuarenta y tres
44- cuarenta y cuatro
45- cuarenta y cinco
46- cuarenta y seis
47- cuarenta y siete
48- cuarenta y ocho
49- cuarenta y nueve
50- cincuenta

There you go...but of course you should learn how to pronounce the letter in Spanish first. You can go to this site that I'm currently using as another learning material.

On another story, I met an Egyptian American and a Polish girl in the Metro Madrid on the way to Legazpi Station today.

Both of them had a conversation in English and I just couldn't help myself but to speak to them. The guy has stayed around four years and the girl has stayed 10 years in Madrid.

We discussed about learning Spanish and both of them assured me that I will be able to converse in Spanish pretty fast as I speak English.

Hmm...I am quite motivated to learn now! Hehehe...after getting some motivation from pure strangers. Both of them love Madrid...well, the Madrid now is kinda chaotic with the workers strike and the economic issues.

As they said that any city, any country has their own set of problems. However, in Spain there are so many fiestas (festivals) where they had had fun which made leaving Spain is a hard thing to do and decided to stay for long.

I just hope that I will eventually fall in love with Spain. I fell head over heel with South Korea but I am pretty sure that my love for Spain is kinda like burning amber, slow but longer lasting, just like them.
Hola, ¿qué tal?

So many changes in my second session of my Spanish class!

First, the schedule has been changed  from Tuesday (Martes) to Thursday (Jueves).

Second, the teacher (profesor) has been changed from a woman (la profesora) to a man (el profesor).

31st October was Halloween celebration in Spain, so I was afraid that no one would attend the class. But my assumption went side ways..hehe. I was the last to arrive!! Bad..bad..

I love the changes especially the teacher. The previous teacher was very rapid in teaching but the new one  taught with just the right speed. Rather...the speed that I want. ^^

FYI, I am basically zero here. I don't have any clue about Spanish language.

My Spanish homework.

Okay...okay...maybe I have an advantage - my husband speaks Spanish. But still...*rolling my eyes*
So, after having two classes so far..I finally realized that that in Spanish language I must:
  1. always always change the verbs according to pronouns - Yo, tù, èl/ella, nosotros/nosotras, vosotros/vosotras, ellos/ellas
  2. memorize the verbs, nouns, adjectives in it masculine and feminine form
That is pretty basic yeah? At least for me..I just want to simplify my learning approach. However, I have another tiny situation where I can´t really recognize the intonation pattern in Spanish. Whatever it is, I find that speaking rapidly is the only option now hehehe.

And...I have to roll my ´r´ and ´rr´...that´s pretty easy...heheh I just need to get my Javanese tongue work again. My parents speak Javanese language so thickening the ´r´ is not such a big issue for me.

My husband urged me to attend formal classes in university but I refused. I need time to have my foundation strengthened and I don't want to be rushed doing so. No additional stress please...por favor!

Well...before I finish off this post, there is one thing that I'm pretty curious about my teacher, I mean both of my teachers.

They kept saying for us to use pencil instead of our pen to scribble in our textbooks. Hmmm...I don't get the point! The books is ours anyway..*rolling my eyes*. Doing the assignment in another book with pen is fine though.

I am right now listening to many Spanish podcasts from This is the same online language website that I have used to study Korean language back then in 2009 for my South Korea's blog. You might want to do the same..just in case it would help you like it had for me. ^^

Autumn is here! (the view from my house @ Villaverde Bajo)