Spain, Economy and Living Cost

Fear not..this is not a paper presentation for my Phd research on Spain's Economy.

The economy subject is really not my forte' and I'm not in Madrid for a scroll of Phd. So I won't bore you with one.

I was lucky that Economy was not a compulsory subject during my high school years. If it was I would  try to avoid it at all cost. I don't know why the subject of money irks me so much then. Accounting, Economy, Finance and whatever relates to numbers frightened me so much! Hahaha...

What relates my fear on numbers with Spain and her economy?

Well...basically, at least it hurts my husband's wallet. His salary has been cut down roughly 50% after the huge economy issue starts. Ouch!!

No...I'm not gonna tell you how much is his salary and what his job is. I will leave that to your imagination.

Anyway, from a lady coming from South East Asian country; the fact of me going to an Europe country definitely broke my bank. However, I am not pretty much worried as I am now living like a parasite, sucking my husband's wallet dry...hahaha.

Back to the main story...^^

1 euro is roughly RM4.30 now. Here are a few examples of my purchases so far and I hope they can pretty much help you to gauge how much you should save up for your Spain trip budget particularly on food! Your stomach is very important...keep it happy always. ^^

Example 1

I was surprised by this simple breakfast.

The extra virgin olive oil and the tomato was sweet!

I kid you not. You should try this for breakfast in Córdoba.


A breakfast (desayuno) in Córdoba (2 pax)

2 glasses of cafe' con leche (coffee with milk - I'm talking about espresso with fresh milk of about 150ml)
A plate of churros
A plate of pan con aceite y tomate

Total = 5.40 euros ~ RM23.22

Example 2

Purchase of groceries at Cosmo Cash & Carry (a Filipino store) in Madrid.

2.35  - Basmati rice (Arroz) 1 kg
1.55  - Soy sauce 1 liter
1.90  - 2 packets of coconut milk (Leche coco) - 250ml per packet
2.30  - 2 packets of Bombay Briyani spice
2.50  - Chilli powder 400gm
2.99  - Lajawab dried lemon grass

Total = 13.59 euros ~ RM58.40

Example 3

A snack at Acosta Reyes, Córdoba

3.00 - Tuna Bocadillo
3.50 - Patatas Bravas Bocadillo
1.30 - Cafe' con leche
2.50 - Orange juice

Total = 10.30 euros ~ RM44.29

Example 4

Purchase of groceries at El Corte Inglés (is the biggest department store group in Europe and ranks fourth worldwide. - from Wikipedia)

0.38 - 1.5 liter of mineral water
1.50 - Gazpacho (Spanish juice)
2.81 - Yayitas Choco biscuit
1.40 - Coctel Frutos (raisins and nuts)
0.72 - 2 apples (manzanas)
0.68 - 2 yellow peaches (melocoton)

Total = 7.49 euros ~ RM32.20

Example 5

Lunch at Turkish pizza for 2 pax in Madrid

6.90 - Tuna pizza
3.90 - Salad
1.50 - Coca cola 250ml

Total = 12.30 euros  ~ RM52.89

Example 6

Lunch at Taberna El Potro in Córdoba

12.00 - Menu del Dia consists of salad, main course of fried fish and calamari, bread and a cup of ice-cream
1.50 - mineral water (agua sin gas)
1.50 - sparkling water (agua con gas)
1.00 - 10% IVA tax

Total = 16.50 euros ~ RM70.95


  1. Aigooo.....lemah semangat bila convert ke RM ni...nampak gaya sapa yg nak budget makan buah je la tiap hari....hihi

  2. Too expensive la cik nana oii. Ask your husband treat us for our trip ok. haha

  3. love those churros! u eat it just like that or has some sauce to dip with? kat one utama, ada tempat jual churros, they dipped with chocolate, sambal, etc...yums sangat.

    breakfast for 5.40 euros is darn cheap

    i always wanted to go to andalucia...may Allah grant my wish

    i like this blog..keep posting about spain yea.. :)

  4. Maravillo post. Gracias por aportarlo...Espero màs...