My First Spanish Class in Madrid

Me against the teacher and the whole class.

Nope..I'm not fighting against them. Just comparing the lack of my knowledge on Spanish language against them.

Today was my first day, officially learning Spanish in a formal class with an experienced Spanish language teacher in a local community center.

Phew...what can I say about the class?
Right now, I am at the most bottom of the class. That's about it. My mind kept drifting during the 2-hours class, 90% of the time.

Drifting because....I just want to know why there is no pause when my teacher speaks Spanish. As if she never stop for a breather...hehe. I find that pretty I want some punctuation, like I really can't find a pattern of intonation and like I really hope I can nail where I should put the accent in my speech.

My scattered mind is a big mumble jumble...lalalalala.

My teacher probably understood my frustration as she kept throwing sympathetic glances and smiles towards my pitiful self. T_T

Most of the students in my class are either working in Madrid or married to Spanish. They come from various countries namely; China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Cameroon, Romania and me; Malaysia.

Okay...I'm the only Malaysian. Agagagaga..No one basically knows where Malaysia is situated on the world map. Even the teacher. That was great...yeah??

What I am really frustrated about was that that most of the students speak at least moderate to fluent Spanish!! I am doomed!

Having Latin alphabets in Spanish language don't make my life easier...I swear. Well...why do I think that Korean alphabets are not so difficult now? I wanna go back to South Korea!!! *Dream on..*

Let's talk about the textbook.

The teacher recommended 'Nivel Elemental - Nuevo Español 2000' by SGEL. So off we went to Gran Via on Monday to find the book at the local book store - Casa del Libro. The book was priced at 22.40 euros roughly about RM98.50.

So far so good. I will be having this class for only once a week and mainly I have to do much of the groundwork myself. My teacher can only help me 20% or so and I admit that I am quite at a loss now but it won't be forever.