Why I Want To Go To Spain?

And now is the time for that BIG question.

Why I want to visit Spain? 

It has never crossed my mind to visit the EU countries before due to currency value and differences.

Spain uses Euro (pronounced as 'Aewooro' in Spanish) and the value as of now is MRY 4 ~ 1 Euro.

This is as of 22nd November, 2015. Ringgit has been doing pretty bad against all major currencies. *crying...*

But why I want to visit Spain now?
Because my boyfriend is there..^____^. Period.

Yes, you!! My boyfriend *In my dream...*

 Cristiano Ronaldo.

He's a Portuguese but playing for Real Madrid club

in Spanish La Liga. 

Ok..so why do I need to write a whole blog to announce that tiny news? No?

Sharing is caring you know..so that's exactly what I'm going to do moving forward.

Forget the fact that I do have a Spanish boyfriend...*wink..wink* as of now, who knows what the future might hold for us right?

Spain by itself is a really gorgeous country.

I love amazing old architectures, museums, arts, cultural differences..etc and etc.

That's such a big fat lie!! *my history teacher in high school would probably say this..haha*

Because I always slept in History class..hehe.

10 things I like about Spain.

Seafood Paella. Recipe is here.

  1. Old gorgeous and distinct architectures - Granada being the first city where I must land my feet.

  2. The language - it sounds cute..porque..porque *means 'because' and pronounced as 'porke'*

  3. Spanish La Liga - nuff said!

  4. The soap drama - my first Spanish drama albeit produced by Colombia is Yo Soy Betty La Fea.

  5. Remains of Islamic architecture

  6. Paella dish- I want to try the authentic one cause an Asian just can't live without rice!!! Oh no...*pronounced 'paeya'*

  7. Sierra Nevada

  8. The beaches - I like how towards the south is Mediterranean climate and towards the north is much cooler plus the fact that it's summer is not hot at all compared to Malaysia that is.

  9. Tapas and fiestas - I want to hop around for some tapas and learn flamenco dancing!

  10. Siesta - last but not least..Spanish is soooooooooo different because of this and I think it's kinda weird.